Leading Enterprise Video, IPTV and Digital Signage manufacturer Tripleplay, has partnered with Ascent, Japan as a reseller of Tripleplay solutions throughout the region.

Ascent was founded in 1981 in Osaka, Japan later relocating their headquarters to Tokyo, and has been led by CEO Kenji Kikoshi since its inception. With an outstanding delivery record for clients in stadia and arena digital signage, Ascent was an ideal partner for Tripleplay with a customer-focused reputation aligning neatly with Tripleplay’s focus on building strong, long-term customer relationships.

Tripleplay CEO, Steve Rickless commented; “It’s great to work with a company that has strength and depth of expertise and intends to pursue further growth. As we strive to maintain our position as leaders in our industries and the markets we service, partnering with a like-minded company with similar strategic goals can only guarantee mutual success.”

Ascent’s founder and CEO Kenji Kikoshi also shared, “Working with an experienced company to expand the reach of what we do at Ascent, has proven to be a beneficial partnership. We look forward to the work we do in the future with Tripleplay.”

The intention to continue expanding their product market and becoming a one-stop service provider solidified why Tripleplay determined this partnership with Ascent to be an ideal collaboration.