Thursday, February 27, 2020

Nissan Mexicana Opts for beyerdynamic

Many areas of the automotive industry face sweeping change. Society’s demands for new approaches are growing in a steady way. Entire groups of companies must take their employees and customers on this new journey. Communication...

RCF Equips New £84M Welsh International Conference Centre

When the £84m International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW) opened in September last year, it was not only the first of its kind in Wales, but this joint venture between the Welsh Government and the...

Genelec Continues Sustainable Growth with Advanced Factory Expansion

Genelec has signaled a new era of sustainable growth with the opening of a brand-new extension to its lakeside factory in Iisalmi, Finland.   Utilizing the latest technologies, the extension will significantly increase the space, flexibility...

Frozen Cherry and Dublin Room Equip with BlacklineX

A nightclub complex in the Lebanese ski resort of Zaarour has been equipped with BlacklineX loudspeakers from Martin Audio.   Founded in 2016, Frozen Cherry is a sunset bar in the highest point of the Zaarour...

beyerdynamicGreen Part II@ISE 2020

beyerdynamicGreen@ISE 2020

Aurora MM Showcases Two More World’s First Solutions

Exclusive: Kramer CEO@ISE 2020

This is part 2 of our exclusive interview with Kramer's Global CEO. To watch part 1, click here