Leyard’s TX platform featuring micro-pitch LED is the company’s newest series of products that inherit the excellent performance of Leyard’s fine pitch LED display. The TX series features pixel pitch sizes from 0.625 to 2.42 that are ideal for indoor 4K and 8K resolution ranging in display sizes of 52 inches up to 540 inches, giving designers and integrators superior creative flexibility.

The TXC series displays which are part of the TX platform, offer a concave solution with a pixel pitch of minimum 0.78mm for unparalleled visual effects. The TXC displays minimum radius of the curvature is 1.5mm, with access to maintenance from the rear.

The TX series offers a range of technology advantages. The common cathode drive mode allows precise voltage control that helps reduce heat generation and power consumption thereby also improving the average life of the LEDs. Calibration of brightness and colour can be done pixel-by-pixel thus ensuring high precision and colour uniformity.

Central to the performance of the micro-pitch LEDs is the Leyard master control. The master control has strong video processing and correction data calculation capabilities to output high-definition video images. It has broadcast-quality video processing technology, 10-bit grey scale and 16bit colour processing capabilities that can display 28 trillion colours. It automatically adapts to 50/60Hz signal source, scans frame by fame to improve picture clarity, and has high image resolution. Images can be restored pixel by pixel, clear and sharp. It also performs image noise reduction, sharpening, colour optimization and colour temperature adjustment.

The TX platform offers DCI P3 colour gamut which when compared to Rec.709 offers a wider range of colours such as more red and green colours and the blue is more precise.

HDR functions are supported to meet more display requirements.

The TX series adopts a modular design, and the control system supports 2K to 4K upgrades. Users only need to replace the control module to upgrade the screen from 2K to 4K.

The LED set-up offers “cable-less” connection with a 6-axis alignment. A uniform tool can be used for the XYZ 6-axis adjustment between panels.

The TXC concave design offers designers the ability to creatively install the displays to capture the attention of viewers.