(L-r) Ben Hu of RGBlink with Lu Rongfu of Yealink

The Yealink strategic investment in RGBlink has settled with the completed strategic investment and cooperation via the Yealink Investment Fund. The successful completion is a result of continuous efforts of all parties since the memorandum signing in mid-2019 – 2019 being the tenth anniversary of RGBlink.

Building on their successful business in voice and voice communication solutions, Yealink elected to make RGBlink their first investment into another company.

RGBlink is a leader in specialist hi-tech video processing products and solutions. Since its founding 11 years ago, RGBlink has built on a suite of patents and developed strong customer base in over 100 countries, with the company’s technology and designs focusing on high performance professional and commercial applications.

The investment affirms both companies’ strategic commitment and cooperation – both having a strong foundation in research and development albeit in different sectors of the audio-visual market.

Says Yealink co-founder Lu Rongfu, “Our investment in RGBlink is an important step in growing the presence of Yealink across audio visual sectors. The RGBlink team headed by Ben has been pioneering and dedicated to being leaders in technology for large format video displays and control focusing on innovation, excellence, and quality. “

“In RGBlink, we at Yealink see more than an investment, we see a partner that shares in a similar heritage and that really values the importance of research and development as a core part of our competitiveness. Our investment in RGBlink has the promise to bring together our teams, enabling sharing of experience and knowledge, so we both can continue to develop industry leading audiovisual solutions and reach new customers.”.

“We are honored to be Yealink’s first investment, and extremely pleased to have Yealink as an investor in RGBlink. Thanks to Mr Lu and his team for their encouragement and support of our fast-growing company”, says Ben Hu, CEO & founder of RGBlink, “Yealink is a global leader in video and voice communications, and we look forward to both leveraging their experience and opportunities to collaborate together in advanced video technologies and to meeting the demands around the world for new and emerging audiovisual solutions.”

RGBlink recently launched two new products for corporate and collaboration – the “mini” streaming switcher and the ASK screensharing system. RGBlink and Yealink are pleased to announce that both these new RGBlink solutions, which very much compliment the Yealink cloud and conferencing solutions will be available worldwide via Yealink partners in the coming months.