The (AV) Tale of Two Lakes in TS

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make life and business challenging all over the place, the glitters of audio-visual dynamism is undeterred and, resolute to engage and enthral people. When that dynamism unfolds over beautiful water bodies amidst the bountiful nature’s setting, it becomes all the more captivating. When the local administrations brace up to blend it all with sound and light, it becomes all the more fascinating.

That’s apparently what the two beautified lakes in Telangana – Komati Cheruvu at Siddhipet and Lakaram Cheruvu at Khammam – seem to summarize, as the glittering sound and light installs done on them were inaugurated this week (Tuesday and Wednesday nights).

Initiated by respective Municipal Corporations under the aegis of State Tourism Department, and designed and installed by Rhino Engineers, the two installs reflect the cultural heritage of the State communicated in the form of song and lights.

Minister of State for Finance T Harish Rao launched the project at Siddhipet on Tuesday, 12 April, while Transport Minister P Ajay Kumar did the honours at Khammam on Wednesday, 13, April.

As far as AV set-up is concerned, it is a combination of huge numbers of IP68 submersible RGB LED lights, with OSRAM LED Chipsets; Noyl enclosures,and stepped tempered glasses; all-weather JBL speakers and subwoofers; Crown power amplifiers; Studiomaster and SoundCraft mixing consoles; Shure microphones; dbx DSP controllers that power and elevate the background musical experience.

Feast yourself in the latest AV glitters out in the laps of nature and water.