Indian AV is going places, literally. Despite the spate of challenges and concerns of a lurking third wave COVID, it’s all happening. Pandemic pressures haven’t deterred spirit of AV entrepreneurial experiences. While there had been many a case, the latest case in a point is this: India’s first floating LED Screen, and in the sea.

Two Mumbai-based digital media solutions providers – Xtreme Media and Zen Digital Media – have come together to unveil an out-of-the-box idea of LED wall installation- at the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, in Mumbai.

SIAsia presents a snappy account:


Xtreme Media associated with Zen Digital Media to execute a one-of-a-kind digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in the middle of the sea! Anchored at the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, Zen Digital Media approached Xtreme Media to implement and launch its first mobile ‘Broadcoaster’ with a world-class LED display.

Zen Digital Media is one of India’s leading digital media startups dedicated to innovation. With some of the most out-of-the-box ideas, this company strives to deliver impactful solutions for its clients — one such idea being their Broadcoasters campaign.

This project is about a water vessel designed to be host to digital outdoor advertising displays, in accordance with the mandates of the Indian Register of Shipping. These displays will be floating in the middle of the coastal waters of Mumbai and will be visible to commuters traveling on the 5.6-km sea link and the entire highway leading to the sea link from the suburbs.

For such a unique project, Xtreme Media was extremely excited to go the ‘xtra’ mile to develop the best solution suited to Zen Digital Media’s needs. As an innovative company, they thought of the challenges of installing this screen in the middle of the sea and took additional effort to understand our customers’ needs.


  • Humidity and sea salt: Installing something in the middle of the water looks like a cakewalk once it’s done – but it comes with its own set of challenges. The high amount of humidity and sea salt can lead to the display screen’s components corroding very fast if proper care is not taken during installation.
  • Structural stability & alignment: Since the wind pressure in the middle of the sea is extremely high, the structural stability of the videowall on board the vessel needs to be exceptionally carefully executed. The weight of the display also needs to be accommodated as per the weight of the vessel. As rough waves impact the vessel, one of the major issues was getting the display’s alignment on point.
  • Power consumption: As the ship is the only source of power in the middle of the sea, they had to use this limited supply to their advantage and create a sustainable and advanced installation.

Unique OOH Advertising: Project Specifics

To make this project a success, the company used its signature Earth Series DIP 3 in 1 Technology outdoor LED display in the form of a 20-meter x 5-meter massive LED videowall that was installed on a large barge at the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

  • Innovative low power consumption LED displays: The LED display offers a super high brightness of 10,000 nits to ensure a world-class viewing experience, even during peak sunlight or any other weather conditions. It is specially designed to take up relatively lower power consumption, specifically considering the ship will be the only source of limited power.
  • Customized marquee installation: India’s first-of-its-kind screen to be installed as a marquee display aboard a water vessel in the sea must be made of excellent quality material. Keeping corrosion and the ship’s weight capacity in mind, the structure was created as a solid galvanized steel structure. With a lightweight and anti-corrosive body, it exactly fit the client’s needs.
  • Service & support: An LED videowall in the middle of the sea would require a unique form of support and servicing. Xtreme Media had the experience of supplying unique outdoor LED displays to entities like the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Jio World Centre, and Prestige Tech Cloud — companies that trust Xtreme Media more because of their after-sales support.

“Being the first mover and keeping in mind the paradigm shift in the Media industry, reliable partners are must. Our bespoke infrastructure required best-in-class LED videowalls to support our innovation. Xtreme Media provided us with quality products and effective solutions to support our vision of nurturing creativity. Overall, a pleasant experience in associating with Xtreme Media for introducing our first ever ‘Broadcoasters’ on Indian waters.”

  • Sanjay Raval, Partner, Zen Digital Media

More Coastal Projects in the Pipeline

This association between Zen Digital Media and Xtreme Media is going strong, with Xtreme Media commissioned to work on more projects using the coastal waters as a backdrop for dynamic digital advertising. A highly unique form of DOOH advertising, we are thrilled to be part of India’s first and only display-on-water projects.

Dual Screen Video Display Between Juhu & Versova, Mumbai

An upcoming project, where Xtreme Media will be installing dual screens on a water vessel at Juhu beach. This energy-saving LED videowall will be 15 meters x 4 meters in size installed back-to-back so that the display will be visible to commuters on both sides when the ship is sailing on the Mumbai coastline so that the outreach is significantly larger. This extremely novel form of OOH advertising is presently in the testing phase. Zen Digital Media has brought regulatory authorities like the Advertising Standards Council of India and several brands like Amul, MG Hector, Skoda, Tata Motors, Volvo, Mercedes, Kotak, HSBC, Amazon Prime on board to make this an extremely successful venture.

‘Xtreme’ Water Sports:

Xtreme Media’s unique LED display screen installed for Zen Digital Media is sure to grab the eyeballs of every commuter along Mumbai’s coastline. The display is so bright, and it is also visible from far. The high brightness on the screen ensures that travelers from far distances can clearly see the display. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link collects one of the highest traffic numbers every day — from daily commuters to tourists, making this a prime location for the installation. For the next project in Juhu-Versova, the site is again extremely niche since the area is home to the city’s celebrities and top hotels.

(SIAsia thanks Xtreme Media for the support with content & pics)