Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, announces the appointment of Hitecindo Kharisma (M) Sdn. Bhd. (HIKA) as its distributor in Indonesia. HIKA first introduced Nureva’s revolutionary audio conferencing product line to the Malaysian market in 2021 where there’s been an increasing need for reliable audio to support the country’s growing hybrid working and learning environments. The company has expanded its distribution into Indonesia, where there is even greater demand. Last month, Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology mandated more schools to offer hybrid learning to reduce the number of students in class, and the Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) is advocating for all schools across the country to require hybrid learning. According to a blog post from Accenture about the global hybrid workforce, 75% of companies in Indonesia are required to offer remote working. Employers are enhancing the use of technology in work processes such as audio and video conferencing, project management tools, file sharing and other collaboration programs. Both market segments will require reliable audio to support remote learners and workers. Recognizing this, and with HIKA’s proven distribution approach and solid product knowledge, Nureva plans to rapidly grow its sales to business and education institutions throughout Indonesia.

As businesses and education institutions have continued to support their hybrid teams and students, Nureva has experienced tremendous growth in its customer base globally, including the addition of Michelin and L’Oréal in France, Accenture and Heidelberg University in Germany, Universidad de las Americas in Chile, River Island and Deloitte in the UK, VMWare and Sarawak State Government in Malaysia, and Ritsumeikan University in Japan. Powered by patented Microphone Mist technology, Nureva audio conferencing systems bring clear, reliable audio to meeting and learning spaces. Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so in-room participants can move around the room and still be heard clearly by remote participants. All systems feature true full-room microphone pickup, easy installation and continuous autocalibration that automatically adapts to any room configuration.

“Our experience with Nureva has been extremely positive in Malaysia, and we are honoured to now be Nureva’s distributor in Indonesia,” said C.K. Lum, HIKA’s CEO. “There is huge market demand in Indonesia for technology that enables hybrid meetings and classrooms, and we are expecting a lot of success ahead.”

“We have started to introduce Nureva audio to our key customers and partners in Indonesia, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Chrisna Dimyati, HIKA’s Indonesia Sales Manager. “We believe that Nureva’s revolutionary Microphone Mist technology is a game-changer for hybrid working and learning.”

“We are delighted to have HIKA expand distribution of our audio solutions to the Indonesian market,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We’ve seen strong, early success in Malaysia and look forward to helping HIKA introduce Nureva audio and video solutions to their channel and end-users in Indonesia.”