AVnTech4Church fifth webinar touches on Sound Mixing Techniques for Live Streaming and Hybrid Worship Service. The webinar will take place on 8th December at 8:00pm (SGT) / 12:00pm (GMT).

It may be relatively easy to stream a church worship service to members worshipping remote only once the AV set up is done correctly. However, it is not uncommon that the audio received often sounds dry, unmusical, unbalanced in tone and volume, basically non-engaging and a far cry from the experience one gets when worshipping live at the venue itself. So where did it go wrong and how do we make it sound better, more realistic and engaging for the church members worshipping remotely?

This session expounds on these and provides a live demonstration on how a sound mix for a live stream can be done to achieve this. You will hear the difference as Robert takes a step by step approach in this session.

This presentation will cover:

– Prerequisites to performing a sound mix.

– Balancing musical instruments and vocals in a worship setting.

– Steps to widening a sound stage for a more engaging experience.

– The use of signal processing such as EQ, Compressor, Gate, Effects to enhance presence.

Church Management, Church Technical Team, Church Worship Ministries, Volunteers responsible for AV operations and streaming.

This AVnTech4Church Webinar is brought to you by our sponsors:

The webinar is presented by Robert Soo, founder and Principal Consultant at Cogent Acoustics who has been in the music and audio industry since the mid-’80s. He has been involved in numerous design consultations for churches in Singapore and has also conducted AV related training for churches in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Robert also served as both Technical Director and Worship Pastor of a 10,000 member church for over 7 years during the ‘90s, putting him in a unique position to understand the needs of the Church ministries and have the expertise in the AV realm.

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