Even as the industry continues to be more and more influenced by the 8K technology and its deliverables, their trade-offs such as high processing power requirement, compatible devices with 8K standards to access, store, decode, transfer and output 8K content makes it imperative that the solution for ‘8K experience’ must have an end-to-end 8K device system.

Taking a giant leap ahead, and setting a new dynamic altogether, Hikvision has brought about an all-encompassing 8K solution that is complete with 8K cameras, 8K NVRs, and 8K displays. Cameras such as the 32 MP 360° Panoramic & PTZ Camera and 32 MP 180° PanoVu Network Camera are capable of capturing ultra-high-resolution video images – specifically 7680 x 4320 pixels – which is four times the resolution of 4K and 16 times that of 1080p.

At the backend, Hikvision recently launched its M-Series NVRs to handle video access, storage, transfer, decoding, and rendering of 8K images. Videos can then be displayed on 8K LED screens made up of P0.9 Fine Pixel Pitch COB LED Display Units. The combination of these front and back-end products takes full advantage of the power of 8K technology, and offers a “True 8K” experience with incredibly clear imaging with fluid preview and playback.

But here is one of the most significant advantages from this solution- since 8K resolution displays images with intricate detail, it lays the foundation for more precise and efficient video analytics. With 8K imaging, AI recognition rates improve significantly, and video analytics provides security operators with highly accurate alerts and clear image detail, enhancing their ability to effectively intervene and take action when an incident occurs. In other words, the whole investment pays off better on every level.

Even when videos are manually reviewed for real-time monitoring or post-incident investigation, the ultra-clear, true-to-life 8K visuals provide images that are rich in detail, improving security operators’ target identification ability, providing them the most accurate evidence available to investigate and promptly respond to an event.

A total solution that serves users from all kinds of industries: With such powerful front and back-end products, Hikvision’s all-encompassing 8K solution gives customers an extremely clear and detailed visual experience in all kinds of scenarios. The solution significantly boosts video content analysis, forensic evidence gathering, security staff resources, and more. The LED display products provide a more vivid – even stunning – visual experience, as 8K cameras and 8K NVRs are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as airports, harbors, public halls, squares, stadiums, stations, etc., where wider angles of view, and sharper, more detailed images are required. They empower users from all kinds of industries with the capacity to zoom into large scenes to view strikingly realistic details without quality loss.

8K cameras come equipped with dedicated Image Signal Processors (ISPs) that convert RAW images from high-performance imaging sensors into high-quality images, as well as carry out various types of image processing effectively and effortlessly. ISP algorithms including de-mosaicing, de-noising, de-blurring, and sharpening all help to deliver enhanced imaging with reduced visual noise and well-preserved details.