Founding team members, past and current staff, business partners and friends from around the world came together to celebrate Electro-Acoustics Systems’ (EAS) 40th anniversary on the 9th of December at the award-winning Min Jiang restaurant at Demsey Hills in Singapore.

In her welcome speech, Lam Tze Tze, executive director of EAS, highlighted how founding leaders Lam Tong Loy (current CEO) and Eugene Chan were bold in establishing EAS, through
foresight, competence and commitment that led to a strong foundation being built.

“Ahead of its time, there was no model to emulate. In setting the strategic direction for EAS, we embraced imagination and a forward-thinking attitude and upheld high standards of professionalism, technical expertise, integrity, and credibility. Our mission is focused: to continue being the leading audio-visual company in Singapore,” said Tze Tze.

Ms Lam continued, “Our pioneers gave us a headstart, and we have accomplished a lot together in our first 40 years, fulfilling the needs of many organisations in the private and public sectors in Singapore and abroad. As we remain bold and build upon our success, we are mindful of the need to constantly innovate and refresh ourselves with the latest technologies and knowledge. This has seen us working with technologies that are still in their nascent stage. I believe AV will evolve even faster in the next ten years, and new applications will be unlocked, empowering people even more. Our spirit of adventurism will continue to lead us to new markets and opportunities.”

Lam Tong Loy, better known as T.L. Lam, added in his welcome speech that the company was fortunate over the last 40 years to work with high-quality, technically innovative and reliable partners. “Most importantly, EAS lived up to its mission. Since our inception, we have gained a reputable name in the AV system integration market in Asia. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our past and present staff for their hard work and contribution over the years.”


Sound Bites from Guests at the Event


Jerome Kwan, ihD: It is an honour to be part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations of EAS. I was an ex-staff from 1990 to 2001. Congratulations to EAS, and more good years.


Guy de Souza, Analog Way
: I want to say that EAS are a fantastic bunch of people. I can see now why they have survived for the last 40 years, and I definitely think they will be around for the next 40 for sure.


Shaokai Teng (SK), Audio-Technica S.E.A. Pte Ltd: Congratulations to EAS. Forty years is never easy for a company to come so far. I am very glad that a Singapore company has reached its 40th-year milestone. It’s not easy but let us work together for greater heights for the AV industry.


Daniel Wong (retired), ex-General Manager of EAS: Wishing EAS the best of everything in their 40th anniversary.


Lawrence Tan, Yamaha Music Singapore
:  Congratulations to EAS on their anniversary, and I am glad to be part of this celebration. As far as I can remember, I believe we have been their business partner for 26 years now. We have been doing a number of projects together, and I am happy to see EAS prosper and wish them many more successful years ahead.


Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore: A huge congratulations to EAS. Thank you for the partnership, and wishing many more good years ahead.


Shaun Heng, Panasonic Connect Asia: It’s a pleasure to be invited to their 40th-anniversary celebrations. Forty years is a long time for a company to survive and do so well. I am honoured to celebrate their event with them.


Paul Lee Q-SYS:  I would like to wish Mr Lam, the family and the team for 40 years of dedication and service. It is amazing to see a company grow and prosper and do so much for the industry. Looking forward to many more years together.


Atul Ghaisas, HARMAN Professional Solutions: I am glad to be here to celebrate EAS’s 40th anniversary. We really cherish our partnership. We have done many projects in Singapore with EAS, and we hope to continue to do these projects together with them. This celebration resonates well with me because AMX is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. So I think it is a journey together that we enjoy with EAS, and wishing them many more great years ahead.


Thitikorn Sopchokchai, Vichai Trading (1983): Congratulations to EAS on its 40th anniversary, and I wish the company continued success under the leadership of Ms Tze Tze Lam.


Jon Han, Wolfvision
: It is incredible how much EAS has achieved in 40 years. Their commitment to delivering excellence has put them at the top of the game throughout the years. It is a great honour to share this wonderful celebration with the team. Happy 40th year anniversary and I wish them greater success for many years to come.