Avision is one of Mumbai’s top event production providers, catering to a high-calibre client list. In 2019, Avision added a complement of S10 two-way, full range line array cabinets and accompanying S119 subwoofers, which have been an ideal solution for the majority of their operations. Based on the astounding positive response, the company has now invested in four more S10 enclosures and two S119 subs along with a Lab.Gruppen PLM20K44 amplifier.

“We have deployed our Adamson system in all types of conditions on a variety of applications with excellent results every time,” comments Mahesh Martal of Avision. “The S10 is just perfect for our requirements! It delivers natural and impactful sound throughout the venue, all in a lightweight cabinet that’s extremely easy to rig. What’s more is that it looks great, and we have received numerous compliments from across the board.”

“The response to Adamson’s products in India has been immensely positive from the get-go, and it’s just getting better,” says Karan Nagpal of Stagemix. “Engineers and artists alike are adding Adamson speakers to their riders, and we’re elated that more and more companies are joining the Adamson network and also expanding their Adamson inventory.”