Last month, we presented one of the most unique AV installs- the Dhono Dhanya Auditorium in Kolkata. We tried our best to present it visually too. We present it now to both recall and reckon how unique it is audio-visually.

A masterly creative combo by the coming together of artists of the trade – Assytem Stup, Clarity Consulting, Hi Tech Audio & HAVI Designs – the install is an iconic AV marvel typified in shape, size and scale- like a massive conch shell radiating musical notes. The ‘City of Joy’ – as Kolkata is fondly called – apparently sounds and looks really one with this.

A Government of West Bengal Initiative, the installation is unique in more ways than one. Having ‘spoken’ about it all in the last issue, we now take you through a visual tour of the venerable venue.
Feast your eyes…