Verrex, the AVIXA APEx‐certified global leader in designing, integrating, supporting, managing, and deploying audio visual and unified communication systems and services, is celebrating 75 years of business success.

A multi-generational company, Verrex was founded in 1947 by Thomas G. Berry, who started the company in his garage. Initially named New Jersey Communications Corp, Verrex began as a distributed-background music company. Berry purchased analog telephone lines and ran extra ones to his home so that hotel lobbies could dial
in and distribute background music.

Verrex’s clientele grew from local businesses to larger auditoriums and stadium-sized venues. In 1976, Verrex created the world’s most extensive stadium sound system at the time for the original Giants Stadium. Verrex also had a significant presence in Atlantic City during the 1970s providing audio distribution, background music, paging, and lighting for many casinos.

In the 1980s, Verrex expanded to deliver AV and UC solutions and products across multiple geographic locations completing an international project in Saudi Arabia, followed by business in Egypt, South Korea, and Spain.

Currently, Verrex has offices located in corporate hubs including New York, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai; a six-continent allied network supports the offices.

Over the decades, Verrex has transformed with every technological advancement to provide the best solutions for its clients. Verrex’s top three markets are corporate, finance, and healthcare. In 2021, Verrex completed 275 commercial projects. These project locations span from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US as well as internationally. Highlights include a new regional headquarters in Hong Kong where Verrex provided top-notch AV
technology to meet and exceed a financial services company’s global initiative to build a better working world. In addition, Verrex continues to provide cutting-edge technology (for example, automated camera speaker tracking, one-touch join, and easy access to video collaboration in every meeting space) with AV refreshes at existing clients in Boston, New York, Texas, and California.

One of the things Verrex’s CEO, Thomas Berry IV, is most proud of is the company’s agility to thrive and adapt to unexpected challenges over the years. “Whether it was shifting our work approach during the Covid pandemic or weathering economic recessions, Verrex has been able to roll with and ride out every challenge to continue to prosper and provide our clients with the best solutions.”

Family is at the heart of Verrex. As a third-generation, family-owned business, Verrex prides itself on caring for its clients and employees like they are family, providing personalized services and extra care. The Berry’s multi- generational leadership has ensured Verrex’s family-centric mentality.

“I am grateful to my grandparents for having the entrepreneurial spirit to start Verrex 75 years ago,” says Thomas. “I am so proud of the long list of employees that have passed through our doors over the years. Their dedication, innovation, and passion for providing our clients with the best AV solutions are why Verrex is a global leader. I am excited for the next 75 years and thank our clients for putting their trust in us to help their businesses transform and grow.”

Verrex is celebrating this significant milestone throughout the year by hosting special events for employees and clients, working with suppliers to create partnerships saluting 75 years, giving back to the community, and creating unique marketing and social media campaigns and videos highlighting this momentous milestone.