In many parts of Asia, a total lock-down or partial restriction on movements are in place. The impact of the COVID-19 virus is unparalleled. Many may not even be used to the idea of being stuck within the four walls of their house!

Nevertheless this is an opportune time to refresh your knowledge. Manufacturers have gone all out to help you in this aspect.

There are tons of webinars and online training available to take advantage of – all for FREE! We have done our best to compile the list of what is available for you to take advantage of.

As this is a dynamic situation, you will need to keep a lookout for information from manufacturers and the media through social media or websites for upcoming training that might tickle your fancy.

Non Manufacturer Based Training
AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association is waiving online access fees and Elite seat limitations through June 12. That means you and your entire team can now access ALL of AVIXA’s online training. As part of their commitment to the industry in these unprecedented times, AVIXA is opening its full online training catalogue to all AV professionals, regardless of membership level.

The online training will provide the opportunity to learn new topics, work toward CTS certification, or earn CTS-RUs if already CTS certified, even if you are home.

Note: If you are not an AVIXA member, you may still register and access the materials by signing up as a free Basic member.

Access online training HERE


You can take advantage of the free SDVoE Academy learning platform to develop the skills you need to take advantage of the latest technologies for AV signal management.

Available online and via mobile app, more than 50 self-paced lessons help system designers, integrators and end-users discover how simple it actually is to enjoy the flexibility and scalability of Ethernet while benefiting from the performance of a matrix switch – 4K video without compromise, without latency, and without image artefacts.

Register HERE


Here’s your chance to catch up on Dante training and get Certified. From an introduction to setting up and using a Dante System, to IP networking for AV systems and understanding the principles of digital audio straight through to Dante Certification Level 1, 2 and 3, do it all from the comfort of your home.

To register and learn visit HERE

Manufacturer Based Training
HARMAN Professional Solutions announces free HARMAN Pro University learning sessions. The Learning Sessions along with the Live Workshop Series provides a range of free on-demand and instructor-led webinars hosted by leading knowledge experts from around the world.

The Industry Expert workshops feature tips and tricks from Front of House Engineers, Lighting Designers, Technicians and other industry experts, while the HARMAN Expert workshops feature in-depth product and solution webinars by HARMAN product specialists.

You can catch the following:
April 7—Lighting for Churches: Live and Video with Lucas Jameson and Chris Pyron
April 9—Audio Challenges in Esports with Cameron O’Neill
April 15—Special Martin Lighting Product Launch with Markus Klüesener
April 16—Lighting Programming Workshop with Susan Rose
April 23—Performance Manager: Beginner to Expert with Nowell Helms

Courses are added frequently. To learn more and register early visit HERE


Week after week, the Lightware Online Training Center returns with an exciting selection of online webinars to keep AV industry professionals all around the world in the loop about our most exciting developments.

Readers can easily join the webinars of their choice by registering through the Webinar Calendar where one can also check the upcoming selection of our topics and sessions.

Click HERE for Lightware’s Webinar Calendar


Martin Audio has unveiled a series of weekly webinars aimed at helping technicians stay up to date with the latest technology during this unprecedented time for the industry.

The live webinar series will begin on Wednesday April 1st with all sessions remaining available on the Martin Audio website.

The live webinars will begin with Low-Frequency System Design, presented by Simon Purse and will be followed by sessions on Display 2.3, EASE Focus and WPS Optimised Line Arrays.

In addition to these initial sessions, the company will be adding a variety of topics over the coming weeks, covering Martin Audio’s products and software, as well as more general pro-audio topics.

To learn more about the upcoming webinars and to register for them, visit HERE


Since 1990, Yamaha has been proactive in developing and maintaining practical education programs. These are designed to help users deliver better results in both live and installed audio, as well as achieving a more efficient workflow.

Now consolidated under the ‘Audioversity’ banner to accelerate Yamaha’s training initiatives, the brand has expanded its online education resources further to support you. Here are content that might catch your fancy.

Click on the description to be brought to the video:
RIVAGE PM Feature Vlog
Yamaha Audioversity Webinars (Archives)
How To Mix Live Music video series


Powersoft ramps up E-Training with over 30 new sessions covering various subjects directly of interest to Powersoft customers and users. Each course will last for one hour and will be conducted in English, Spanish, and Italian by experienced trainers and application engineers from Powersoft.

Next week’s sessions (beginning 6 April) will focus on ArmoníaPlus 1.4 and explain how to set up and programme a basic audio system with groups, monitoring, and remote control.

On 14th and 16th of April, in the session entitled ‘Powersoft products network connections and Dante/AES67 integration’, trainees will learn how Dante and AES 67 protocols are integrated into Powersoft amplifiers and how they can be connected to networked environments using the setup and management tools.

Finally, on 21st and 23rd April, Powersoft trainers will provide insight on ArmoníaPlus’s latest feature: Health Plus, system monitoring and remote control using third party control plug ins, including Powersoft unique ‘live impedance monitoring’ and cloud-based remote monitoring of all vital functions of a system.

Information on third party remote control and monitoring of Powersoft amplifiers will also be provided, with examples on various remote control and DSP systems including Crestron.

To find more details on the dates, times and languages of each session, and to book a slot, click HERE


Adamson launches free Bi-Weekly webinar series for current and potential partners and end-users around the world. The Adamson Education Webinar Series launched in mid-March with a pair of episodes dedicated to the latest version (v1.2.8) of Adamson’s Blueprint AV 3D predictive simulation software, followed by an in-depth discussion and Q&A with Adamson’s Head of Education, Jeremiah Karni, and Head of Product and Technology, Brian Fraser.

New webinars currently go live every Tuesday and Thursday. With past episodes already archived for on-demand access, the series will continue to cover a myriad of topics relevant to Adamson products, technologies, and applications, as well as the wider live sound and integration industries for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the webinar series, Adamson is developing and adapting other education and networking initiatives to be delivered remotely.

All upcoming editions of the Adamson Education Webinar Series, along with other training and networking initiatives, can be found HERE


From now until May 15, ETC is offering all the online classes on LearningStage for FREE.

That means you can now access these online resources ranging from basic concepts to advanced expert training tailor-made for console users, lighting designers, and technicians.

To take advantage of this generous offer visit HERE


disguise has launched ‘disguise OnDemand’ – a virtual hub that features access to free training and webinars exploring key features and elements of the disguise workflow.

Held in multiple languages, multiple times a day, the platform will feature exclusive content, including the opportunity for the community to take part in specialist discussions on key industry topics, and hear from customers during spotlight discussions on showstopping case studies.

Designed as a place for the community to learn and keep up-to-date on all things regarding disguise, free online training sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

They are planning on running a condensed version of the Fundamental and Pre-Production Workflows Training, broken down into a series of six one hour sessions where attendees can learn the core features, including the timeline, stage, configuring output feeds, and how to set up devices.

Keep up to date with the growing webinar and training schedule, and register by visiting HERE


RCF announces a series of webinars focusing on RCF Technologies and best practices in live sound and installed audio.

The webinars — live streaming on RCF online platform — will be presented by RCF specialists in multiple languages.

Viewers and students will also be able to ask questions via a chat window during each live stream. There’s no need for an account or to download any software in advance.

Please register for each session individually, then you will receive notifications one day and one hour before the webinar. Go to the Online Education page for the complete schedule.

Check the Schedule HERE

TIPS before you start

To enjoy your learning experience here are a few tips. They are not in any particular order:

1. Make sure that you are comfortable – good lighting, privacy if possible, fans or air- conditioning and seats that do not make your bottom sore. Have a bottle of water nearby as well.

2. It is a general rule that you should see your screen directly and not tilted downwards or upwards as that is a sure fire-way of having neck issues. Also, reduce the brightness of your laptop to a comfortable level so that you do not get visual fatigue.

3. Ensure that you have the right headset that offers noise-cancellation and fits comfortably as you might be doing this for a while. If you do not have one we suggest you approach any of the industry brands for a special discount 🙂

4. Do not depend on battery life and ensure that your laptop is plugged in.

5. Set aside time where you feel you are most open to learning. For some, it might be the early morning hours. Of course, some of the webinars are held at a fixed time but we are sure you will be able to catch it in the archives.

6. It would be best to have your phones and other distractions (TV, radio, email alerts and spouse) off. You need to commit the time!!!

7. Ensure that you have a pen and paper to take notes. Use the print screen if you need to
capture an important point.

8. Space out your timing to learn – do not cramp it all. You are not studying for a Degree.