Televic Conference is pleased to announce that it has appointed IAG LTD. as their exclusive distributor for P.R. CHINA.

IAG Ltd. has been serving the Chinese AV market since 1991 and continues to excel on three core fronts: as a full-range AV distributor, by providing professional in-house technical support, and offering the extensive after-sales services. The company’s approach is to offer solutions specifically geared towards customised customer needs in the vast and varied AV industry. They are committed to delivering 100% trustworthy critical system components. Consequently, Televic Conference has decided to grant the Shenzhen-based company exclusive distribution rights of its products in the P.R. of China. By joining forces, both parties believe they have secured a strong foothold in this rapidly evolving market.

Mr Wang, GM of IAG Ltd., notes: “Televic always comes up with truly innovative products. We are convinced that our cooperation will help us provide the best solutions to our customers. Moreover, both Televic’s and IAG Ltd.’s shared commitment to sustainability in their business model lies at the heart of a successful collaboration between both partners and clients.”

With this agreement, Televic Conference strengthens its position in the P.R. of China, one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia”, adds Koen Van de Perre, Televic Conference’s Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific.