Doha-based audio-visual systems integration firm Techno Q made a record of sorts last week when it won the AVIXA award for the ‘Best Flexible Space Experience’ for its  prestigious systems integration project at Qatar University Sports and Entertainment Complex (QUSEC).

Announced by AVIXA as part of its inaugural AV Experience Awards, the award is given in recognition of an outstandingly applied AV that creates spaces that are constantly changing, adaptable to multiple situations and purposes, facilitate, and optimize the activities that happen within them- enabling a better experience.

It is one of the six Awards that AVIXA constituted last year as part of its global AV Experience Award program with a view to recognizing the innovative integration of content, space, and technology to create or enhance an experience.

“We are very proud to have been recognized by our peers at such an international level as AVIXA, and after beating such a skilled and tough competition,” said Abdulla Alansari, Executive Director of Techno Q. “This recognition shows how much we are dedicated to exceed our client’s expectation in terms of quality and service.”

The Jury on a project to be considered for the best flexible space experience will examine how many functions can the space serve; how well does the space serve each function; how easy/quick/intuitive is it to transform itself in tune with various purposes needed; and does the technology in the space increase its versatility, or add value to the activities taking place in the space, etc. factors before according the accolade.

In November 2019, Qatar University opened its 25,500-square-meter Sports and Events Complex, a flexible space that hosts a wide-range of events, from large sports events to small conferences. This flexibility is achieved through retractable seating, ceiling, and lighting, scalable rigging, and portable staging. Techno Q employed a mix of technologies to create this multifunctional space – which features the largest movable ceiling in the country, covering 70 by 40 meters. The ceiling panels can be illuminated to multiple colours to create the ideal atmosphere. The complex can scale up for a 5,000-person audience for a sporting event or scale down to a 900-guest banquet.

“AVIXA is a well-respected institution in the field of audio-visual solutions; the fact that they chose our project as the winner in their flexible space experience category demonstrates not only the impressive work Techno  Q is able to provide but also what is seen as the best in terms of AV Experience and standard,” Alansari said.

Noticeably, this AVIXA Award is the third high-profile honour that Techno Q has achieved in recent years. The Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), and the Qatar National Library (QNL) – two of the most high-profile projects done by the AV integration major – had won multiple awards from different institutions for different distinctions.

“It is a proven and undeniable guarantee of trust and excellency,” the prideful Techno Q chief maintained, when asked about what responsibility does the Award bring along: “It certainly brings the responsibility to the Techno Q team to keep our standard high and to continue delivering outstanding experience and results to the customers.”