Systems Integration Asia brings you highlights of happenings that caught our attention. This includes sessions, exhibitor presentations and exhibitor products that are showcased.

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Session Presentation

Technology Renaissance: Five Innovations that will Change AV
‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ they said ages ago. Fast forward centuries, come 2020, COVID-19 pandemic, and we have yet another statement of – perhaps – similar nature: “crisis breeds innovation.”

As the InfoComm Connected – the technology world’s very first digital convention and exhibition took off the virtual space on the morning of Tuesday 16 June – one of the most relevant sessions that caught SIA’s fascination was the one presented by Mehryn Corrigan, Associate Director & Alliance Partner at Sharp Electronics USA.

Connecting with the series of developments that the world had been through since the outbreak of the pandemic, Corrigan felt the world is currently passing through a ‘Technology Renaissance’ where people and businesses alike had been finding new, innovative ways of communicating with one another vis-à-vis what they had been doing for the last 40-50 years or more, and this will really lead the world out of the current global crisis.

According to her, while the audio-visual technology domain will never be what it had been all these years, ‘five major categories of innovation will change the AV’ the world use in future.

The five categories according to her are:
• Mobility
• Collaboration
• IoT
• AV as a Service
• AV Meets IT

“These things are not new; we had been using them for a few years now; but they have merged with lots of thought leadership and accelerated ( the way we connect), ” observed Corrigen.

There have been many times in history where crisis breed innovation and this (situation) is no exception.

“We have already done a lot for the last 3-4 months to lay the groundwork for a better future,” Corrigen said. “This is the momentum of change; we need to break (into the future).

In a world that had been embroiled in a crisis of ‘yet-to-be-scaled’ extent – thanks to the global spread of Novel Coronavirus paralysing world nations – humanity is directed by the very crisis to innovate and explore newer opportunities to march ahead. Accordingly, the technology world had been exploring every single opportunity and innovating the way it had been interacting itself with and finding newer ways for the future.

To hear the full presentation click HERE.

New / Enhanced Solution Highlights

Adamson Launches CS-Series of Intelligent Powered Loudspeakers, Software & Rack Systems
The CS-Series brings the heralded performance of Adamson’s sub-compact S-Series loudspeakers into the networked future with onboard amplification and DSP, plus Milan-ready AVB connectivity. Rounding out the series is a suite of CS rack-mounted systems and a dedicated CS software solution.

The CS-Series loudspeaker offerings are available as standalone products or as an upgrade to existing S-Series enclosures. Their Milan-ready AVB architecture offers a seamless transition into the future of network integration and boasts built-in network redundancy contained in a single cable to relay audio and control signal, as well as the assurance of long-term viability as part of an IEEE standard.

Also included are four rack-mounted products designed to provide the necessary tools to get the highest level of performance out of the CS-Series. The CS Gateway is a 16 x 16 matrix with 16 channels of DSP, containing dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB, AES/EBU, and analogue connections. The NDS is a network and analogue patch bay that allows users to send redundant audio and control to CS loudspeakers on a single network cable. The PDS ensures that all CS-Series systems receive ample power, regardless of region, and also allows the user to monitor consumption data, both per power output as well as overall draw. The CS Bridge is designed to replace existing network infrastructure in Adamson’s E-Rack, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the CS-Series into their existing inventories by converting dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB signal to AES/EBU, while also offering six channels of DSP per unit.

Finally, Adamson’s new CS software enhances the user’s ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor systems in mobile and installed environments with a simplified workflow and easy-to-navigate user interface that moves logically from design and simulation through to patch, control, metering, optimization, and diagnostics.

Learn more about the CS-Series individual products HERE.

Enhanced ZyPer Management Platform
ZeeVee has announced several major enhancements to the ZyPer Management Platform, its comprehensive and easy to use AVoIP control system that is compatible with all its IP-based products and readily used with all branded control platforms. Upgrades include a video preview function that makes it easier to constantly identify and monitor content; and a multiview text overlay function that enables the addition of varied descriptions, custom labels and branding simultaneously over onscreen video delivered to multiple monitors. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and enhanced network and security capabilities are now standard features as well. Customers can now also select a preferred ZeeVee hardware option or port VM software onto their own.

Audinate Announces New Dante AVIO Adapters
Audinate has announced the addition of two new models to the popular line of Dante AVIO audio adapters, offering USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity for use with Dante networks.

The Dante AVIO family of adapters allow users to easily use non-networked audio equipment on a Dante audio network. Cost-effective, compact and rugged, Dante AVIO is available in 1- or 2-channel analog input or output configurations as well as AES3/EBU, USB and now Bluetooth versions.

The Dante AVIO USB-C adapter allows devices with USB-C ports to deliver and receive 2 channels of audio with a Dante audio network. It is a class-compliant USB audio device that requires no additional drivers and works with any application, making it ideal for rapid setup of conference rooms, background music and more. The Dante AVIO USB-C adapter may be powered by the connected device or via PoE and it works with common USB-C to USB-A adapters. When using PoE, it features power pass-through for mobile devices, enabling smartphones to remain charged while connected to a Dante network.

The Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter provides wireless connectivity to Dante networks for mobile devices and computers and is ideal for both playback from smartphones to larger sound systems, and for connecting networked speakers and microphones to conferencing software. Once configured, a user may rely upon Bluetooth to switch from local smartphone audio to a complete conferencing system to share what is being said with others.

The Dante AVIO USB-C and the Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapters will be available from authorized resellers in Q3 of 2020.

To view, all of Audinate’s New product announcements at InfoComm Connected you can visit their virtual booth HERE.

Exhibitor Presentations

Kramer: Kramer XSPerience Family of DSP Solutions
An interview with Yuval Kramer, Director of Audio, Kramer AV, touching on the award-winning AFM-20DSP audio matrix as well as the introduction of a whole family of DSP solutions to cater to different needs from the top-end flavour to the lower-end flavour. Kramer AV is calling the family of DSP solutions the Kramer XSPerience. This was launched at ISE this year but the interview does provide additional fresh insights.

Watch the video HERE.

SONY: New Ways to Inspire: Connecting People with Technology
Theresa Alesso, President of the Professional Division, Imaging Products & Solutions Americas emphasizes that in times like this, we are reminded of what an integral role technology actually plays in connecting people and providing a sense of community and normalcy, even given these very abnormal times.

Watch the video HERE.

AIMS: What is IPMX and who is AIMS
At ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) ProAV Working Group introduced Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX), a set of open standards and specifications designed to enable carriage of compressed and uncompressed video, audio, and data over IP networks. IPMX addresses the ProAV industry’s need for a single set of common, ubiquitous standards-based protocols that ensure interoperability for AV-over-IP. This video explains about IPMX in more detail.