From the minds of Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) comes the LIVA line of Mini PCs. Don’t let their size fool you though, these Mini PCs are the all-in-one answer to calculation, networking, data transmission, and integration with any AV solution. Read on to find out how ECS LIVA seamlessly integrates and improves common installations.

Digital Signage Media Players
More and more advertisements in public areas like train stations, shopping malls or hotels have been changed to digital signage equipment instead of traditional lighting boxes. To install the complete digital signage for digital advertisement requires ultra-small form factor systems built in the limited space. LIVA Z3 Mini PC features premium computing functions with compact, standard HDMI output, fanless and low power consumption design to operate any multimedia including 4K ultra HD video more efficient.

Self-Service Kiosks
Ticket machines are increasing in popularity with the expansion of public transportation systems. Deploying a cost-effective computer like the LIVA Q2 Mini PC in ticket machines allows you to meet all the device connections you need by providing full I/O support. Device set-up is not necessary as this compact computer is ready to go right out of the box.

Digital self-service kiosks are quickly replacing physical cashiers in retail stores. Integrating the LIVA Q3 Plus Mini PC is seamless, thanks to its size – it’s smaller than a mouse. Use it to power the kiosk for maximum efficiency with an outstanding AMD embedded CPU with low-power consumption, wired and wireless networking connection, and various ports to connect with different devices. This improves the efficiency of checkout while saving on the cost of manpower.

Banking Systems
To support a wide range of customers and their specific needs, banking devices do more than just dispense cash. As the perfect complement, the LIVA Z3E Plus Mini PC is built with multiple connectors including 6 USB ports, 2 Gigabyte LAN ports, and 2 COM ports to assist integrators to combine customized configuration software with different equipment in the banking system.

With LIVA, the opportunities are endless. Get ready to collaborate, create, learn, and play like never before. Save time while increasing efficiency with solutions that let you control your world from a PC that fits in your pocket. To learn more, click here:

If you are looking to enhance your integration for your client to the next level, leave message via ECS online inquiry form for a discussion on how LIVA Mini PCs can help you.