The Singapore Turf Club (STC) is the only horse-racing club in Singapore that features quality horse racing as sports entertainment at the Singapore Racecourse on most Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons throughout the year. The club also boasts a rich culture and history of over 177 years, having been founded in 1842.


Sitting on 133 ha of land in Kranji and with a magnificent five-story Grandstand that accommodates up to 30,000 racegoers and boasting a seating capacity of about 13,000, the overall experience of spectators is integral to the successful operations of the club. The key requirement from Singapore Turf Club was to have a reliable system that would provide ease of operations and flawless connection during a live broadcast. Bearing this in mind, the operator decided to upgrade their digital wireless microphone systems late last year.

Established systems integrator, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) was responsible for the supply and integration of the wireless microphone systems. The Shure Axient Digital wireless microphone system was recommended as it features Quadversity mode that assigns four different antennas for greater coverage and signal quality. Frequency Diversity enables audio transmission from a single source onto two independent radio frequencies and actively detects & avoids interference by switching channels in real-time. Coupled with the AD610 that provides wireless ShowLink connection between all linked transmitters and receivers, the flawless connection is further reinforced. ShowLink technology offers unprecedented remote control and monitoring for easy coordination of clean, usable frequencies.

The Shure Wireless System allows interviews to be conducted in multiple areas. The system serves a 5 square kilometre range of coverage at key broadcasting points from the Turf Track, Prize Ring, Grandstand, Horsewalk, Parade Ring areas, including the Weighing Room and Champagne Room along the Horsewalk.

“The Singapore Turf Club wanted to invest in technology that has intelligent capabilities to avoid interference and audio dropouts which they were facing with their previous system,” said Gerald Chew, Business Unit Head, (Sales & Distribution) at Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd. “The new wireless system needed to be stable, robust and reliable,” he continued.

There are eight channels of Shure ADX2/SM58 running on Quadversity™. The Shure AXT600 Spectrum Manager consistently scans and deploys the next best frequency in real-time during operations. This gives the technical crew better mobility and ease of mind, especially during the live shows.

Shure Axient Digital has a flat frequency response and accurate transient response including AES-256 encryption, and an impressive 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analogue output. With Wireless Workbench software that helps monitor RF performance, remote adjustments to transmitter and receiver, Wireless Workbench allows remote monitoring and manages the system without interrupting the production. Frequency calculation and analysis for supported devices allows the user to coordinate the entire show from one application.

The additional benefit for the facility personnel is the comprehensive interface provided with the system that manages every aspect of performance, including battery life, signal strength, and RF interference.

“If something happens to cause concern, such as low battery life, the user can quickly locate the precise bodypack or microphone that needs recharging. The ability to monitor the battery and RF status gives continued confidence throughout the show’s run.” continued Gerald Chew.

E&E also supplied the Shure wireless PSM900 in-ear monitoring system which helps interviewers receive information and instructions from the broadcast room.

Digital Wireless System Installed:
Axient digital wireless mic systems comprising
– ADX2/SM58 x 8 pcs
– ADX1 x 2 pcs
– AXT600 x 1 pcs
– UA844+SWB x 2 pcs
– Ad610 x 2 pcs
– AD4Q x 4 pcs
– MX153T/O-TQG 2 pcs
– Antenna accessories 1 lot

– P9RA x 6 pcs
– P9TA x 2 pcs
– PA412B x 1
– Antenna accessories 1 lot