Sennheiser, in collaboration with its long-standing UAE-based distributor, Venuetech, successfully hosted the latest edition of its ‘Sound Academy’ in Dubai to empower system integrators with a comprehensive understanding of ‘audio for business’ segment.


The training event – which offers world-class, tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge – focused on Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine Digital Wireless solution ranges which are specifically designed for the audio needs of meetings and conferences in small to large enterprises.

The sessions were conducted by Fadi Costantine, Technical Sales Manager of Sennheiser Middle East who said, “One of the most significant changes in the modern working environment is a shift from a face-to-face communication to digital channels, which is placing greater emphasis on the efficiency and quality of these digitized interactions.

Managed poorly, this transition can prove frustrating, but when executed well, we find that many people come to prefer digital meetings.”

Research has shown that the average business professional spends 42 minutes per day on conference calls, yet much of this time may be consumed by the inefficiencies of the process. In one particularly striking study, it was found that 15 minutes of a typical conference call are wasted struggling to get the meeting started, overcoming challenges with technology.

“This presents a significant opportunity for systems integrators that are capable of delivering the solutions that overcome these challenges and make seamless and intuitive digital engagements possible,” said Costantine. With automatic adaptive beamforming technology, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is such a solution.

The microphone system is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms when deployed with Microsoft-certified DSPs.

Over the course of the Sound Academy, Costantine instructed attendees on the proper implementation of the solution such that it can be installed virtually invisibly into the ceiling, freeing tables of cables and mics and allowing for truly flexible usage of space.

He also highlighted how the system can be connected to a Dante audio network, powered by PoE and monitored centrally by a customer’s IT department. In subsequent sessions, Costantine demonstrated the impressive audio clarity and scalability of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless which can be tailored to small room setups or even huge campus-wide installations.

Created specifically for speech applications in corporate environments, this line of wireless digital microphones provides the highest levels of speech intelligibility and sound quality.

The Sennheiser Sound Academy featured several hands-on training sessions. At the conclusion of the event, attendees were presented with certificates in recognition of their ability to expertly implement Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine Digital Wireless solutions.