QSC is excited to add a new course to its robust training portfolio – Quantum Level 1 Training. This advanced course goes beyond the basics of QSC system design and equips the system integrator with best practices and procedures to implement systems more successfully, as well as troubleshooting methods and procedures for resolving common post-sales support problems.


The course addresses:
• Industry-standard best practices as applied to Q-SYS, such as gain structure, signal flow and AEC calibration.
• In-depth applied knowledge, including network theory and topologies, supported network services and the basics of applications such as SIP telephony, external control and video.

• Troubleshooting methodolody, particularly pertaining to network configuration and SIP telephony.
Similar to other online Q-SYS training, QSC Quantum Level 1 includes several modular, non-linear videos that keep the content short and focused, allowing integrators to learn at their own pace. QSC Quantum Level 1 can be completed in approximately three hours, and after the successful completion of online quizzes, students become certified and earn five (5) AVIXA RU credits.

“Our previous system curriculum does a great job teaching integrators ‘how-to’ successfully design and install systems,” says Patrick Heyn, Senior Director of Marketing, QSC Systems. “QSC Quantum Level 1 takes the next step and reveals the ‘why’, along with specific steps to implement and troubleshoot systems successfully.”

Matt Gray, Senior Manager of Advanced Support, who led the curriculum development for this project, says, “This curriculum was created based on our countless experiences in the support trenches, helping customers with active system and real issues. We hope that this new toolbox will become an invaluable field reference resource.”

QSC Quantum Level 1 is available now for free on the QSC training website. All QSC Quantum Level 1 videos are fully applicable for any level of integrator or AV system administrator, however, in order to complete the certification, students must complete the prerequisite Q-SYS Level 1 and Q-SYS Level 2 courses.

For more information on QSC Quantum Training and to begin certification, please visit: www.qsc.com/quantumlevel1