The rapid development of AV-over-IP technology has transformed traditional AV infrastructures in our surroundings — the campus environment is one of them. While the necessity of a user-friendly AV broadcasting solution has become the priority concern for school leaders, the ease and convenience of distributing audio and video over IP has made it possible to deliver a simple yet helpful solution to our educators.

Taking advantage of the campus existing network, Q-NEX solution enables not only message / audio / video broadcast, but also live streaming to all of the classrooms as well as spaces outside classrooms such as cafeteria, library, teacher’s offices, corridor and reception hall, and it’s able to push recorded AV contents or live streaming to allocated different groups of areas among campus, with the deployment of Q-NEX Media Server, Networked Media Processor(NMP) and Media Box(MBX).

Solution setup is quite simple: there’s one Media Server needed for each campus, one NMP for each classroom and one MBX for each display or set of speakers outside classrooms — and that’s your network of digital broadcasting. For school IT admin, he can upload different audio and video content to the Media Server so as to broadcast across the campus with Q-NEX Console. He can also schedule broadcast tasks at different times and to different destinations, managing daily broadcasting with automatic play to reduce repetitive work.

Broadcasting contents include daily messages, important alerts in text format, bell sounds, live or recorded audio announcements and videos. All can be pushed to the display devices connected to Q-NEX NMP or MBX. No particular display is required. Any display with HDMI input, such as interactive flat panel, TV monitor, LED screen or projector, can receive broadcast or live streaming content. What’s more, when receiving a broadcasting task, NMP or MBX can automatically turn on the display devices they connected and start the broadcasting.