An Immersive visual display. Source: Messe Frankfurt.

The curtains have fallen on another vibrant edition of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG), which celebrated its 20th anniversary edition from 25 – 28 February. The fair continued its upward trajectory in terms of new product offerings, with participants noting a stronger emphasis on digitalisation and system integrations at the show. A major highlight was the fair’s ‘Tech meets culture’ theme, which received praise from the industry for showcasing the next level of installations of audio and visual equipment for all types of venues and buildings.

With a total of 52,699 visitors filtering through the exhibition halls during the four days, the fairground was busy with business meetings as buyers networked with 1,041 exhibitors. On top of the wider product coverage, many well-known brands made their debut this year, including ACE, AVCIT, Clear-Com, GTD, Hertz, MusicGW, Omarte, Pioneer DJ, Sennheiser, Tico and Voice Technologies. Other big names included Audio Center, Audio-technica, Bai Li Feng, Bose, Bosch, Charming, Concord, d&b audiotechnik, DAS Audio, DMT, EZ Pro, Fidek, Fine Art, Golden Sea, Gonsin, Harman International, High End Plus, Hikvision, HTDZ, ITC, Longjoin Group, Logitech, NDT, Nightsun, PCI, SAE, Taiden, Takstar and Yamaha.

Commenting at the conclusion of the fair, Judy Cheung, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, said: “As one of the hottest topics across multiple industry sectors right now, advancements in digitalisation play a crucial role in moulding the future of the industry. This year, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou put huge efforts to showcase immersive and interactive user experiences through music, visual and cultural displays for every type of stakeholder. We believe that these types of experiences are a big part of the industry’s future. This edition has helped to ensure the industry is well-prepared for the changes that are coming, and to cope with the transition not only to new AV technologies but also to shifts in audience appetites.”

Digital tools reunite the overseas market with exhibitors
Online services were a priority at this edition, with resources made available both at the fairground and via the fair’s digital channel: ‘PLSG: Live and Online’. Garnering 176,071 views, the platform was used to stream on-demand video from the show floor. The latest market information was also broadcast in the shape of seminars from industry professionals as well as interviews with experts and company representatives.

Participants reflect on their experience
“We’ve exhibited at the show for 14 years and we see huge progress every year. Customers are more diverse and the planning of the exhibition halls is very well-organised. The international influence of the show has helped us reach many clients from Europe, the US and Southeast Asia. Due to the pandemic, we are currently looking to expand in the local market and we are glad that the show provides us with the opportunities to meet with so many professional domestic customers,” said exhibitor, Amy Liu, Project Manager, Guangzhou Eagle Stage Equipment Co Ltd.

“As a producer of the fair’s ‘Unicorn Series’, we showcased our major breakthroughs in digital control systems, visuals and stage design. Our intention was to boost confidence in the industry by demonstrating our successful development during the pandemic. It was also important for us to showcase a production created entirely by a Chinese team that reflects the country’s characteristics and capabilities. We hope the installation and performance of the Unicorn showcase has brought the industry some new ideas and inspiration. In terms of the future, the industry is focusing on the development and integration of new systems in areas such as pro lighting and stage lighting,” said PLS Series: Xtage producer, Chunsen Wang, Shanghai Unicorn Performing Arts Equipment Co Ltd.

Thomas Su, Head of Product & Resource Strategy, ACME Co Ltd, commented, “What impresses us the most about PLSG is the organisers’ determination to transform the exhibition. They have turned a simple commercial exhibition into an exhibition with its own unique ideas and characteristics, showcasing a variety of innovative concepts. Apart from being an exhibitor, this year our company was eager to set up more thought-provoking and in-depth projects in the fairground as a sponsor. We took the lead and became the organiser of the ‘Immersive entertainment space’, joining hands with a number of outstanding performing arts equipment companies and gathering advanced technologies and products. The combination allowed visitors to enjoy lighting, audio, video, and the most popular feature – live electronic music in an indoor bar. The information and trends showcased at PLSG reflect the organiser’s sensitivity to the market.”

“It’s gratifying to see so many top local lighting brands participating in the fair. Stage lighting is an important component of stage, film and TV. The lighting industry is definitely moving forward with cultural tourism in full swing and artificial intelligence becoming more advanced. It’s important that industry players also explore other markets. As part of this year’s fair, the China Illuminating Engineering Society: Stage, Film and TV Lighting Specialists Committee was pleased to organise a series of professional seminars, training courses and buyer delegations. This played an important role in spreading the latest insights about trends and developments,” said Buyer, Jingchi Wang, Assistant Director, China Illuminating Engineering Society: Stage, Film and TV Lighting Specialists Committee.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is organised by Messe Frankfurt and the Guangdong International Science and Technology Exhibition Company (STE). The next edition will take place in Spring 2023.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou