The organisers of PALM and AV-ICN Expo have forwarded their event which was to take place in May this year to 2022. Below is the message from the organiser:

On the advice of our exhibitor community, the decision has been taken to host the 20th edition of PALM AV-ICN Expo in 2022, instead of as scheduled for May 27 – May 29, 2021. Planning and organization was going well and hopes and aspirations were high. The entire event pro audio, audiovisual and lighting industry was excited about PALM ‘happening’, then suddenly in February end the contagion took a sharp U-turn and wham! Rising and rising until the writing was on the wall, the show just couldn’t happen in May 2021.

The decision is in response to the strong support from the exhibitor community to move the expo to 2022 since the year gone by has not enabled the industry to build up enough traction. There is strong optimism that the year going forward will stabilize the business, sales and distribution of products and completion of AV installation projects. PALM is focused on supporting our exhibitors and the industry at large to unite on a common platform to nurture businesses, for which reason the next event will be held as per the regular cycle of the time-honoured PALM Week from May 26-28, 2022.

The exhibitors of PALM are great in their love for their sound and light business and have built an envious landscape in India and PALM feels the responsibility to provide the business and technology platform for the industry to flourish. We continue to serve the interest of the pro sound, AV and light industry by delivering valuable industry engagement through our magazines, websites, awards, conferences, seminars and more.

We continue to publish PALM AV magazine. We will also announce and conduct 10th PALM Sound and Light Awards (link), 20th PALM Summit Conference and seminar (link) and 16th IRAA Awards (link) and 3rd CAVS Education (link) in the coming months.