Projection solutions major Optoma recently launched six new laser projectors in India for educational and commercial purposes. The newly launched models – the ZX350e, ZW350e, ZH350, AZX360ST, AZW360ST, and AZH360ST – designed with eco-friendliness as one of the main objectives, are mercury-free and energy-saving, which means they have a lower carbon footprint. Those energy savings obviously also translate into cost savings over time, with the company claiming that projector-equipped schools can save over 5 lakh rupees over a period of 5 years.

Compared to traditional lamp projectors, Optoma’s latest line-up consumes around 50 per cent less power- thanks to the latest in laser technology and higher power efficiency. Starting at Rs 72,000, these projectors also have a longer lifespan and are claimed to provide output for over 20,000 hours. That’s obviously due to the usage of laser technology but also in part due to the fact that they are dust resistant with IP5X or IP6X certification, making them more durable. The longevity can be further extended to 30,000 hours when the Eco mode is turned on.

Optoma’s latest projectors also come with an updated design, with a 34 per cent reduction in size compared to the previous generation. The compact design reduces waste, which in turn increases logistics efficiency, further reducing the carbon footprint.

Compared to traditional lamp projectors, Optoma’s latest lineup consumes around 50 per cent less power thanks to the latest in laser technology and higher power efficiency.

“We, at Optoma, are committed in upgrading and adopting new technology for a better user experience,” Optoma India Country Head Vijay Sharma said. “With this commitment we have introduced the Next Generation of our projectors which will save upto 47 per cent power consumption and help in reducing around 1265Kg CO2e during the life span of a projector,” he explained. “We have introduced our new eco-friendly laser projector series which is specially made for environment sustainability. We hope to transition the complete line up to laser projectors from traditional projectors in the coming year.”

Currently, Optoma’s line-up only consists of laser projectors. However, the company is keen to explore LED technology as it journeys through future with its research and development initiatives. LED projectors may have lower luminosity but their lower cost makes them more consumer-friendly.