ALC NetworX, the developer of the RAVENNA audio-over-IP technology, is pleased to welcome NETGEAR to the RAVENNA community. Under its NETGEAR AV brand, NETGEAR is offering scalable AV-over-IP and wireless networking solutions for the Commercial market. NETGEAR’s Pro AV solutions are engineered specifically for AV-over-IP with out-of-the-box support for most networked AV solutions.

NETGEAR has been developing commercial network equipment for over 25 years and has become a market-leading switch manufacturer for AV-over-IP. With the AV Line series of network switches, NETGEAR has reduced common installation frictions with pre-set profiles for AV-over-IP protocols, from one-room setups to very large AV networks with thousands of endpoints.

NETGEAR’s Laurent Masia, director of product line management for managed switches, comments: “We recognize the importance of key affiliations and associations that make the Pro AV industry work. From integration partners around the world to AV companies helping to create new ways of working in Pro AV, NETGEAR maintains relationships with a number of organizations and is pleased to add RAVENNA to that esteemed company.”

Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, is pleased to welcome NETGEAR to support the RAVENNA community: “NETGEAR is a renowned manufacturer of networking equipment for all major markets, servicing projects ranging from residential all the way up to enterprise-scale applications. With RAVENNA now stretching its legs into the ProAV market, NETGEAR, with its ProAV range of products and experience in the Commercial market, is a valuable partner for the RAVENNA partner community. Manufacturers and system integrators can benefit from NETGEAR’s industry-leading product suite and unmatched services and support.”