Exuding a super relaxed vibe, complete with contemporary décor and comfortable seating that’s spread across multiple areas that includes a plush outdoor pool-facing section as well as a lavish indoor dining section – Amanzi Sky Deck And Bar has asserted its position as one of the most sought-after nightlife destinations in Mumbai to enjoy a truly bespoke lounging experience. While the bar menu is exhaustive and offers sufficient variety in terms of its FnB offering, the music experience has been noted to be a crucial aspect that vibes to patrons and keeps them coming back for more.

While the music programming involves an eclectic mix of lounge centric music that adorns the space through the afternoon and evening – Amanzi undoubtedly transforms into a high-energy music space complete with the latest chartbusters and dancefloor favourites as the night progresses. And the backbone that supports this seamless transition while maintaining absolute fidelity and a high-quality sound experience through and through, is the high-performance audio system from Martin Audio that adorns the entire space.

Designed and integrated by systems integrator Superwaves with key support from Vardhaman Mega Tech (VMT) – the official distributors of Martin Audio in India – the sound system installed at Amanzi spotlights the brand’s Blackline series of loudspeakers, with the Blackline X10 loudspeakers and Blackline X218 subwoofers being the two main products of choice that adorn the entire space.

Says Gurinder Singh Saini of SuperWaves: “Amanzi Sky Deck And Bar was a dynamic project, where the directors wanted a system with a minimum visual distraction that would not interfere with the interior of the club, while also delivering an unmatched high-quality sound experience. After understanding the clients’ brief and running a thorough analysis of the venue, we were convinced that the Martin Audio Blackline series would be perfect for the job. The system design perfectly complements the venue and enhances the sound experience, with the loudspeaker setup being versatile enough to providing crisp notes as well as chest thumping bass.”

Multiple numbers of the Blackline X10 loudspeakers have been installed across the space at key locations to ensure that the entire space enjoys a consistent high-quality tonal signature, with multiple numbers of the Blackline X218 placed at precise locations enhancing the aural experience with accurate low-frequency fidelity.

“The Blackline X218 is a 2 x 18″ high-performance subwoofer for use with BlacklineX Series full-range loudspeakers; with an operating range of 42Hz-200Hz + 3dB, it produces high output levels with low distortion and can be used singly or stacked horizontally- which is the kind of dexterity in logistics and performance that we desired to have,” reasons Gurjinder.

“On the other hand, the Blackline X10 is a 10″ two-way high-performance portable loudspeaker that is very compact and features a rotatable 90° x 50° HF horn that has equal horizontal and vertical mouth dimensions for directivity control in both planes. As a system, the combination of the Blackline X10 and Blackline X218 subs works brilliantly in delivering a uniform high-quality listening experience.”

With the elevated music experience playing a key role in ensuring that Amanzi maintains impressive footfall on any given day of the week, it is safe to say that the venue’s owners and senior management are more than pleased with their newly acquired audio system.

Chetan Sonawane, Director of Amanzi Sky Deck And Bar, affirms: “The music experience here at Amanzi sets high standards and elevates the vibe at the club. The system sounds excellent and provides fantastic coverage throughout the venue. We’re really pleased!”

Team VMT is happy about playing a vital role in the project. “The Martin Audio loudspeaker set up at Amanzi is absolutely spectacular as it assures a uniform sound experience throughout the venue,” Kekul Sheth, Head of Sales at VMT Distribution is exultant on the job done. “The speakers deliver crystal clear sound performance and deep bass; and are perfect for creating an absolutely amazing vibe for the venue.”