December 2019 saw a gathering of Singapore system integrators, rental &
staging companies, end-users and consultants at the Star Performing Arts Studios and Terrace to hear and see first-hand the latest offerings from dbTechnologies and D.T.S. Illuminazione srl.


The event kicked off at 3pm at the Studio with an introduction of the CRI98 ALCHEMY 5 Fresnel Wash Light, along with the latest EUPHONY 3 compact LED wash light, SYNERGY 5 Profile and X-Brick from D.T.S.

ALCHEMY 5 is a high performance LED wash moving head that is one of the first projectors to be marked HQS (High quality Spectrum-DTS trademark) with which the company emphasizes the ability to generate high quality whites, a palette of colours more extensive than the range of pastel-like nuances.

In Addition ALCHEMY 5 has been designed to meet the theatre and television needs where quietness, versatility and quality of the light are paramount.

EUPHONY 3 is the new compact LED wash light featuring 7 Full Colour LEDs, a wide zoom (5.6°- 69°) and high- efficiency optical system. EUPHONY 3 is the extremely versatile moving head suitable for uniform projections on surfaces, from wide Wash to PC Beam.

Furthermore thanks to its perfect colour mixing, 16 gel filter emulations and the Hi- Q Dimming technology it can provide high standard performances.

SYNERGY 5 PROFILE is a compact LED profile moving head. The unit employs a 420 W pure white LED source (7000K 16,500 Lumens output), coupled with a long excursion 4.6°- 43° motorized linear zoom with autofocus.

This carefully studied match delivers a massive 49,900 Lux luminosity (4.6° @ 5 m) with an evenly diffused and flat beam.

The unit features a rotating framing system with 4 blades. AVL Direct is the appointed D.T.S. distributor for Southeast Asia.

Colin Oliviero with the DTS team

Carmen Savarese, International Sales Manager, D.T.S. commented, “We have been low key in this region for the past few years and we needed to reboot. D.T.S. actually has a long history in this region and some people have been waiting for us to make a strong comeback. We are happy to have appointed Colin Oliveiro of AVL Direct to help us grow our business. He is committed and the right parter for us. He believes in the product and has the professional
skills that we need to help us move the solutions.”

“Our solutions are unique and we have put in much effort in our R&D. Clients not only get a very high quality product with beautiful colours but also versatility where the fixtures can be easily used in different environments.

You would have noticed in our demonstration, the use of software to create many different looks with the ALCHEMY 5. There are some colours you cannot achieve with any other brand.”

Carmen informed SIA that in 2020 the SYNERGY 7 and ALCHEMY 7 will be launched with more power and features.

At the Terrace, a full stage set-up featuring dbTechnologies solutions was demonstrated with the latter part featuring a band showcasing the full value of the speakers’ coverage and rich sound reproduction.

Speakers demonstrated included the INGENIA series, VIO X series including the line array and point sources.

The INGENIA range boasts four models (IG1T, IG2T, IG3T and IG4T) designed to work both individually and coupled. Their sober design perfectly combines with advanced DSP functions, allowing a smooth and easy optimization of the system’s coverage and acoustic performance.

Thanks to infrared technology,

INGENIA detects the presence of a second speaker, and an onboard-configuration wizard automatically sets up the system in order to ensure the best coverage and acoustic coherence.

VIO X, are an original series of professional active 2-way speakers combining impressive output, advanced DSP features and complete networkability via Aurora Net software.

Conceived as a point-source completion for the VIO family, the new VIO X series provides a broad spectrum of professional applications as well as flexible configuration options.

The VIO X205-60 and VIO205-100 took the audience by surprise with its solid sound quality despite its size.

A revolution in VIO X family: newly born VIO X205 condenses the
powerful and detailed sound of the ultimate dBTechnologies point source series into a small, ultra-performing cabinet.

VIO X205 acts as the most precise and versatile unit in any tour-grade application as well as in fixed installations. The VIO X206-60 offers 60 degrees coverage whereas the 100 offers 100 degrees coverage.

Colin Quek with the dbTechnologies team

Manuele Poli, Export Area Manager, dB Technologies commented that the brand had started doing business in this part of the world five years ago. He shared that the loudspeakers are now distributed in 45 countries.

“In order to deliver the needed support with our ever growing presence in the region, we started investing locally. We hired a National Sales Manager in India this year that is showing good promise. Similarly our appointment of Loud Technologies Asia and AVL Direct is part of our strategy to build brand awareness and perception.

We intend to continue to invest in this region as APAC contributes 33% plus of our revenue.”

Manuele continued, “Being present in Singapore is important as most of the audio industry players are based here. In Colin Quek of Loud Technologies Asia and Colin of AVL Direct, we have reliable partners. We are confident that they are going to bring our sales up to the next level.”

Loud Technologies Asia has taken responsibility for the installation segment for dbTechnologies whereas AVL Direct handles the rental & staging segment.

This is an original story that first appeared in our Entertainment Technology Asia January issue. Read the full magazine here: ETA January