Chris Bae, MD of Kinoton Korea with Eric Delmas, CEO of Analog Way

Analog Way is pleased to announce Kinoton Korea Inc as its launch partner for Alta 4K in Northeast Asia. Introduced in May 2022, Alta 4K is a new line of powerful multi-screen and multi-layer 4K60 presentation switchers and videowall processors. Based on the Alta 4K platform, the Zenith 100 and Zenith 200 are designed for medium to large-scale live events and permanent LED video wall installations.

Seoul-based Kinoton Korea, Inc. is a renowned commercial AV system integrator with numerous credits covering multiple verticals, including LED displays and digital signage as well as indoor and outdoor installations in commercial buildings, sports stadiums, control rooms, broadcast service centers and more.

When the Alta 4K was introduced into the Asian market during the KOBA 2022 show, Kinoton’s belief in the product was secured. They subsequently signed a contract to commit to a large number of units, which are expected to be delivered by the end of the year.
“After listening to the feedback from our partners at the recent KOBA 2022 show, I am confident that the Alta 4K will set new benchmarks for the premium image processing market,” says Guy de Souza, Analog Way’s Vice President for Asia.

“Kinoton Korea knows the critical role that powerful and reliable image processors play for all video-based commercial projects,” says Edward W.S. Bae, Vice President of Kinoton Korea. “We are delighted to be the launch partner for Analog Way in the Northeast Asia region, a further opportunity to work together and help customers maximize video outcome and drive engagement.”

Bae has big expectations for the Alta 4K product line among Kinoton’s domestic SI partners, who have been seeking middle-range solutions between Analog Way’s Midra 4K and Aquilon RS series. Alta 4K is the perfect fit to satisfy the demands of their end users in terms of technical and operational requirements and budget preferences.

Analog Way / Alta 4K