HARMAN Professional Solutions has introduced JBL Professional FIR (Finite Impulse Response) Tunings for the AE (Application Engineered) Series, providing further enhanced performance for the premium installation loudspeaker line.

AE Series FIR filters optimize frequency response and phase response to a finer degree of precision than traditionally possible with standard IIR “parameter-based” filters. The result is overall enhanced sonic quality from the loudspeaker, along with improved, more consistent coverage, and improved arrayability. In addition, built-in LevelMax Limiter settings further protect speakers from damage due to overpowering.

To cover the broad spectrum of AE Series models in their various configuration modes (passive and/or bi-amplified), the release contains 70 individual tuning files for use with Crown DCI-N and DCI-DA power amplifiers. In addition to new installations, these tunings can also be retrofitted into existing AE Series installations. The AE Series includes a broad line of permanent installation loudspeaker models of various sizes, coverage patterns, and power levels.

“AE Series loudspeakers incorporate leading technology drivers, premium performance capabilities, incredible reliability, and a wide selection of models to meet just about any challenge,” said Rick Kamlet, Senior Product Manager for Installation Loudspeakers. “These FIR Tunings do a phenomenal job of enhancing the AE line even further and producing unmatched performance and versatility.”

Additional Details
For more information on the AE Series FIR Tunings, please visit the product pages below. JBL also invites you to explore their on demand JBL Learning Session: Loudspeakers for Sports Facility Applications, that discusses achieving optimal audio coverage and musical clarity in overcoming crowd noise in stadiums and arenas.

AE Series FIR Tunings Technical Documents:
Instructions for AE Series FIR Tunings
AE Series FIR Tunings for DCi Amplifiers

AE Series Products with Applicable FIR Tuning Files:
AE Series Compact
• AE Series Original: AM5212, AM5215, AM7212, AM7215 (in both passive and bi-amplified modes)
• AE Series Subwoofers: ASB6112, ASB6115, ASB6118, ASB6125, ASB6128, ASB7118, ASB7128