Situated in Ane village, Pune is Shree Rangdas Swami Mandir – regarded by many as one of the most picturesque and beautiful temples in the region. The temple is situated 20 km from Alephata on the Mumbai-Visakhapatnam National Highway, and plays host to the ‘Ane village Yatra’ (a religious procession) every year in the month of December, which is attended by lakhs of devotees and explorers who come to visit the temple.

The holy and peaceful atmosphere is only enhanced with the presence of the multitude of visitors who throng in from different parts of the country to pay their respects to the temple’s deity; with weekends and religious festivals usually witnessing the largest number of visitors.

With the temple growing in prominence and popularity with each passing year, the establishment’s management decided to equip the space with a formidable pro audio solution that could capably deliver a pleasant sonic experience for the ever-growing number of visitors. And after spending a considerable amount of time reviewing the various options available in the market – the temple management sought the services of Mumbai based solutions provider Vardhaman Mega Tech (VMT) to provide a pro audio system solution that would meet their expectations.

Team VMT affirm that after in-depth discussions with the temple management, they designed a user-friendly audio setup that would be easy to use and would also allow tech-novices to make simple adjustments – thereby bypassing the need for a dedicated technician.

“Our focus was to make sure the sound is clearly delivered and received with enthusiasm and intelligible clarity,” informs Swapnil Shingade, Sales Engineer, VMT Enterprise. “For clarity and reproduction of full range audio, we chose multiple OSL OS-10 and OS-12 loudspeakers which are wall mounted and amplified by Crown XLI series amplifiers,” he explains. “We added the British Acoustics LiveMix 8.2FX analogue mixer which provides an intuitive mixing experience, along with OSL Cue B1 XL vocal dynamic microphone to deliver natural vocals discretely. The system is flexible and easy to operate, delivering impactful audio clarity during prayers and meditation.”

Feedback from the temple management suggests that those in charge of the day-to-day functioning of the temple are extremely pleased with the outcome of the installation, as Vinayak Aher, Director, Shree Rangdas Swami Mandir commented, “We thank VMT team for exceeding our expectations and delivering an outstanding audio experience for those who pray and meditate in our temple”.

Down south in ‘God’s own country’ i.e. Kerala, an iconic crown-shaped church in Pullur, too appears to have put their faith into British Acoustics & OSL as their preferred sound partner.

Situated in Pullur – Thrissur in Kerala, St. Joseph’s Church is a wonderful church built in the shape of a huge crown. Considered as one of the pioneer churches to celebrate “Oottu Thirunal” (since the year 1978), the church plays host to the annual festival of St Joseph that attracts Christian visitors not only from Kerala, but from all parts of India; with thousands partaking in the “Oottu” irrespective of cast and creed.

Similar to the Shree Rangdas Swami Mandir in Pune, St. Joseph’s too has witnessed an upswing in the number of people that visit the church every year; and this in turn prompted the management to consider acquiring an audio reinforcement system that would be able to seamlessly deliver a more impactful sound experience.

Once again, team VMT were entrusted with the responsibility of putting together a resilient pro audio system, with the Kochi branch of VMT taking the lead on designing and commissioning the audio solution for the project. And after analyzing the space thoroughly, it was found that the size and shape of the church presented audio engineers with an uphill challenge of assuring 180° sound coverage that needed to be dispersed evenly to every last corner of the audience space.

“The speaker deployment took into consideration the church’s aesthetics and ensured excellent high fidelity sound reproduction in every corner of the venue,” Vinumon A.K., Sales Representative, VMT Kochi. “The team equipped the church with multiple British Acoustics XP 512 high performance powered loudspeakers that assure impactful yet detailed sound; with several OSL OS 12SW high-powered subwoofers deployed to deliver extended bass response,” he elaborates. “Sennheiser E-835S live vocal microphones have also been made available for a smoother vocal experience during worship and live services.”

The fact that the newly acquired loudspeaker system did not compromise the architectural beauty and aesthetic appeal of the church in any way, is considered as a major positive by the church’s top brass; as Fr. Andrew Maliekal of St. Joseph’s Church shares, “The sound system suggested and installed by VMT team is in great sync with the church’s structure, decor and architecture whilst still providing the desired, end result”

Jeff Mandot, national sales manager, VMT Enterprise, expresses contentment with the success of these two projects, as he affirms, “We have worked with numerous venues and top acoustical design consultants to provide the best pro audio equipment systems tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team at British Acoustics and OSL specializes in providing high-quality solutions, and we go above and beyond to provide high quality and unique installations that delivers an outstanding audio experience.”