VTX B18 (18” Subwoofer) & VTX A8 (Dual 8” Compact Line Array Loudspeaker) at the Main Theatre.

Gateway Entertainment (GE) is a Singapore-based creative arts company located at the heart of Bukit Merah Central Singapore. The original building was demolished, and following redevelopment in 2014, a new nine-story venue in Bukit Merah Central was constructed. Known now as Gateway Theatre, it is a multi-theatre venue that is a creative arts space which promotes made-in-Singapore works and talents of all cultures. With its main goal of developing an appreciation for the arts in Singapore, they have continued transforming the arts and entertainment industry.

Gateway Theatre is a multi-theatre creative arts space that features a 922-seat theatre, a 207-seat Black Box theatre, a Sky Garden for open-air performances and events and multi-purpose studio spaces. Home to conferences, performances, product launches, film screenings and more, Gateway Theatre planned to upgrade the audio systems at the main theatre and Sky Garden in a bid to enhance the overall user experience.

The main theatre is an intimate two-tiered theatre that has since been upgraded with JBL professional’s next-generation line-array system, the JBL VTX A8, Dual 8-inch Compact Line Array Loudspeaker and the JBL VTX B18, Arrayable Single 18-inch Subwoofer, both engineered to improve linearity and provide a wider dynamic range for the theatre. Additionally, the JBL VRX928, a lightweight compact two-way curvature line-array speaker system, has been deployed for front-fills and under-balcony delays. The entire system is powered by the CROWN I-Tech 4X3500HD, a four-channel high-powered amplifier with onboard DSP.

Gateway Theatre also features a one-of-a-kind Sky Garden, a unique, beautifully landscaped green space with lawns, shade trees, a water feature and an outdoor stage. The JBL CBT1000 and CBT1000E high-powered column speaker system was chosen for this space to provide full-range sound while blending in nicely with the environment. The wide horizontal coverage of the CBT1000 provides excellent sound distribution across the 100-seater space, and the CBT1000E provides low-frequency extension down to 38Hz.

JBL CBT 1000 Line Array Column Speaker + Extension at the Sky Garden.

Being a popular venue within Singapore’s art scene, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) managed to conduct these installations with minimal disruptions to ongoing venue bookings. Strong collaboration between Gateway Theatre and the installation team enabled the works to be completed successfully despite disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic, where material shortages and shipment delays were inevitable.

“Sound is a key element in a staged production. In our theatre and art spaces, it plays a critical role in defining the mood of any performance,” says Boon Bing, Technical Manager of Gateway Theatre. “We are pleased that E&E understood that and delivered expert advice and recommendations with JBL’s product range. At Gateway Theatre, we strive to provide consistently stunning world-class sound, elevating performances through our carefully calibrated audio system and bringing immersive experiences to our audiences.”

“Having been involved in the original installation, we are pleased to be back to update the speaker systems in the various venues to better meet the needs of Gateway Theatre and its clients. We are hugely grateful for the trust that the Management of Gateway Theatre have placed in us over the years, paving the way for this upgrade,” shared Gary Goh, CEO, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd.

“We are honoured to provide impactful audio experiences to performances at Gateway Theatre. We would like to thank our partner, E&E, for their trust and confidence in HARMAN’s products as we pride ourselves in providing end-to-end solutions, superior sound quality and remarkable coverage for the entertainment industry,” said G Amar Subash, Vice President and General Manager at HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC.

Photos courtesy of Gateway Theatre Singapore.

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