Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) announces that Steve Badham will be returning to the company covering Technical Sales throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Badham has a long history in the professional audio industry and in particular with EAW.

“We are excited to welcome Steve back to the EAW family,” says TJ Smith, president, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “Steve’s experience, product knowledge and technical savvy make him a great addition back to our team. With Steve’s contributions and hard work, we look forward to continuing to grow the EAW brand in the EMEA territories.”

Badham’s association with EAW began about two decades ago where he held the position of European Technical Sales Engineer. During his time at EAW, Badham spearheaded several high-profile projects in the region including the Barcelona Football Club’s Camp Nou Stadium and EAW’s first UK multiplex cinemas in Epsom and Bradford. In his new role, Badham will be instrumental in the sales process, as the EAW sales team will rely on him for technical expertise and consultation. As a liaison, Badham will also directly advise customers on product features and configurations.