Canon brings to the table their latest Face Recognition Technology, aimed at providing seamless, secure and smarter solutions to empower businesses. The biometric-based security system makes use of the unique facial components of a person stored in the database for accurate and swift validation as fast as the person’s face is scanned and matched against the stored information.


With three powerful applications – Reception System, Access Control System and Authentication System for uniflow, the Canon Face Recognition Technology wants to take business performance to the next level.

Speed up the check-in process with the Reception System, built to streamline visitors’ registration experience by digitizing face data on the initial visit.

Subsequently, using an integrated network camera, the visitor’s face can be easily identified and automatically enrolled for a relaxed entry. The system dramatically reduces visitor’s wait time by reducing the need for manual human input.

This way, you can focus fully on welcoming your guests with personal reception and presence. Whatsmore, making sure buildings or any work premises are safe from unauthorized entry is essential.

The Access Control System manages door access points by face detection, to match and validate registered individuals from the database.

Ensuring precise verification of employees entering offices and restricted facilities via a single, unified secured process.

The Access Control System could also be used to mark time attendance of employees entering and leaving the premises to support various HR functions.

Secure printing is even more convenient and secured with the Face Recognition Authentication System for uniFLOW incorporated into Canon’s multifunction devices.

Simply install the system on a smart device with a web cam, such as a tablet, for capturing facial visual to prevent or grant access to print job depending on the restriction control.

This greatly improves efficiency and convenience of document processes while maintaining high level of security.

Powered by the intuitive capabilities of Canon Face Recognition Technology, business solutions are now made simpler, smarter and progressively secure for comprehensive enterprise protection. Head to their website to learn more.