The two virtual workshops on Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Prep Course conducted exclusively for members of AVIXA Women’s Council (AWC) in the Asia Pacific recently has apparently made a significant headway, considering the disruptive times the industry has passed through due to the pandemic.

The first session workshop was held in June for India and Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the second was in July for Asia and Oceania regions that includes Far East and Australia.

This instructor-led workshop was a great opportunity for members of AWC appearing for the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) exam, and for AV sales or consulting professionals as well.

A total of 34 participants from across the Asia Pacific region took the programme, and apparently with great passion and enthusiasm. The participants included those from India, GCC States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia.

The four-hour virtual workshop spread across two days provided participants studying for their CTS certification exam, an overview of AV, developing AV solutions and prepping for AV Program Phase. Apart from covering technical and AV fundamentals, the participants were given several project planning scenarios and case studies to work with in breakout rooms. These sessions aided in understanding project planning modules and helped them interact with peers and colleagues from cross functional teams.

The sessions for India and GCC participants were conducted by Sonali Singh (CTS-D & CTS -I) and Soma Biswas (CTS-D). The workshop for Asia and Australia participants was conducted by Rod Brown, CTS-D, CTS. The experienced instructors helped the participants advance their CTS journey with valuable insights of CTS Prep and their respective professional experience.

During the International Women’s Day virtual celebrations earlier this year, AVIXA had announced a free CTS Prep Program Phase Workshop exclusively for all AVIXA Women’s Council Members in the Asia Pacific region.

The participants made this workshop a huge success with their enthusiastic involvement and interactions during the workshop.