The education environment is a diverse space. From classrooms to lecture theatres, libraries to laboratories, there’s an ever-growing need for LED display solutions to foster connections and collaboration. AOTO’s ALL-IN-ONE LED Solutions are setting the pace at every level.

In the domestic market of China, AOTO’s ALL-IN-ONE LED Solutions are making the grade with several high-profile installations, including Zhengzhou University and China’s Southern University of Science & Technology. Mike Liu, AOTO’s All-In-One Product Manager explains, “It’s clear that the current requirement for LED display in a conference is for two simple but vital elements. The display must offer exceptional visual performance and feature an intelligent, interactive function that is both intuitive and simple to use.”

AOTO’s CV ALL-IN-ONE LED solution offers this: An infrared touch frame that is intuitive to set up and use; functions such as an intelligent whiteboard and on-site annotation are built-in for immediate interactivity and participation. Wireless connectivity enables screen sharing via computer, phone or PC tablet, so the sharing of materials for discussion is simple and straightforward. Meanwhile, multiple picture-in-picture configurations ensure information is easy to view, update, and collaborate on.

Viewing comfort has been equally considered. The ALL-IN-ONE LED solutions bestow a 180-degree viewing angle including Blu-ray eye protection and Moiré reduction technology to maintain student focus and engagement from every seat in the class. Indeed, AOTO’s six-way screen adjustment technology impressed the Chancellor of the Southern University of Science and Technology. He notes how, “it perfectly solves the flatness problem and creates comfortable visuals”, with an image delivery that is, “vivid and uniform across the whole screen”.

Based on the latest Mini LED technology with smaller, more robust LED chips, the CV ALL-IN-ONE Solution has a fine pitch and reliable colour consistency for high definition, high contrast display, stable operation, and high visual performance. The CV ALL-IN-ONE LED solution starts the range with 108-inch display size, through 136-inch and up to 163-inch.
AOTO’s Smart Integrated Display (SID) ALL-IN-ONE LED solution steps in at 120-inch display size, scaling up in both proportion and potential. Also available as 150-inch and 180-inch displays, its ultra-thin structure outweighs conventional LED products by 50%.

The SID ALL-IN-ONE is an impactful, luxury presentation system that intelligently adjusts the brightness of the environment around the screen to concentrate the viewers’ attention directly on the screen. Conveniently controlled via mobile phone from anywhere in the hall or auditorium, the screen will also adjust itself to optimal brightness. With its powerful integrated audio system and integrated AI Algorithm, it goes beyond display.

AOTO’s ALL-IN-ONE LED Solutions dovetail with the needs of the education market, opening up new possibilities and new ways of learning. AOTO’s ALL-IN-ONE solutions bring intelligent capabilities, interactivity and imaginative engagement to classroom settings and group-based research and hold the attention of auditoriums and lecture halls. At the heart of the offering, however, sits stability and security of the solutions. AOTO gives the surety that the advanced functionality will work, continuously and simply and with the ease of AOTO.