Expo 2020 Dubai, as one of the largest worldwide events since the outbreak of COVID-19, is bringing us an amazing cultural feast. The expo will last 182 days with 192 participating nations showing the world’s innovation and development.

YES TECH created a 360° immersive interactive pavilion for the Muslim World League Pavilion of EXPO 2020 Dubai and showed the innovation strength of Chinese enterprises. The pavilion advocates the spirit of global peace, tolerance and love, and convey the values of unity, mutual assistance and cooperation to the people of the world.

360°Immersive Interactive Pavilion
The Muslim World League Pavilion, consisting of a 360° immersive interactive space scene, is closely related to the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” of EXPO 2020. When visitors enter the pavilion, they will feel like they are opening a door to a new world of the future. The display walls around the pavilion can be touched and allows visitors to experience an immersive technology experience, and use this innovative platform to get to know each other, engage in dialogue and build partnerships.

The 360°Immersive Interactive Pavilion is made up of HD fine pixel pitch LED display integrating creative-shape, IMD and interaction. The highlight of the pavilion is the touch creative-shaped interaction, 156sqm main display around the wall and the customized height perfectly matches the pavilion’s structure design. There are 10 interaction areas and a 144sqm floor screen, that both are from YES TECH’s Magic Stage (MG) series.

The MG series is YES TECH’s hot product and has obtained nearly 30 product patents, which can be used indoors and outdoors and covers wide applications such as stage, sports event, floor screen, etc. Adopting modularization design, it is convenient to maintain. Full view design makes its audience coverage wider. With its core technologies and rich experiences in the application of international events, it successfully lights the Muslim World League Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo.