Chitrakoot (in Uttar Pradesh) is a place that is steeped in rich cultural antiquity, having been the geographical path that Lord Rama trod for eleven long years of His exile, before He moved to Dandakaranya (in Madhya Pradesh/Maharashtra).

One thought/reference of the place springs so much connect with the place, and its place in the identity of the country and people inhabiting it.

Imagine visiting the place, and watching all that unfolding in front of you via digital technology employing sophisticated audio-visual solutions. Touch-screen panels; edge-blended laser projection system; 270-degree immersive projection; holographic projection on pepper scrim – on the river waters – and more!

It does create a vibe. A new verve, and a nerve for one’s identity.

That’s exactly what the Department of Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh sought to do. In its pursuit of promoting tourism in the State, it explored the technology domain for an inviting and immersive story-telling mechanism that could primarily attract people, and then create the essential connect.

Thus stepped in the combination of AB Designhabit, led by Amardeep Behl; and Pan Intellecom, led by Harbir Singh- a combination that is reputed for creating immersive experiences with innovative projection works.

Thus happened the creation of Ramaayana Gallery, and the Ram Ghat with Christie laser projectors, Samsung LED displays, DTS lights, Neo Neon DMXs, EV audio systems, custom-made pepper scrim and many more.

Thus happened the immersive story-telling; the connect needed; the vibe intended; and the vision envisioned.

Watch the video, find your vibes. Watch out for detailed story in SIA digital columns.