COVID-19 has impacted not only the lives of people across the globe but, has also impacted major industries economically. It has brought a stagnant growth to most of the industries and their working. As the world is slowly opening up, Xtreme Media is introducing products to adapt to the post COVID world, often termed as “new normal”. “In the new normal world, we would use technology more than ever, as a technologist, we have to re-invent to solve the problems posed by COVID threats,” said a spokesperson from Xtreme Media.


Xtreme Media has launched the NE Series of LED Displays. It is minimalistic or stripped down version to help brands to adapt to digital communications and remote working conditions faster and conveniently. This is a new edition to their existing series and is designed for delivering significantly better value without hurting the budgets too much. “All brands have to strike a balance between digital adaptation and economical conditions, we will need a faster and better virtual environment also we need to keep the people informed dynamically.”

The NE series includes an extension of series that are preferred selection for applications like boardrooms, smart outdoor displays, lobbies, etc.

“Xtreme Media understands the need for digital transformation by spending less. Industries can benefit from this series by not compromising on their brand value and promoting their brands and products throughout. This series of LED displays is available at 10-15% less spend without having much to compromise than the original display series.”

Three types of LED display series are launched under NE Series
Asta NE Series of LED display is Xtreme Media’s ultra-slim indoor LED display range which is designed for places where space is a constraint. A new value-engineered edition is now introduced with 10-15% less spend to this series to accommodate to the post-COVID-19 situation. Asta NE Series of displays is designed for the industries with minimum space and viewing distance like retail, corporate lobbies, command, and control centre, boardrooms and meeting rooms. The LED displays occupy minimum space as their thickness is only 40mm, which is the lowest in the industry. An additional benefit of easy maintenance, service and warranty up to 5 years is also provided with this series.

Rigel NE Series is the new edition to one of Xtreme Media’s flagship product – Rigel Series. It comes with zero compromises on being robust and weather-proof like the original LED display. The brightness level significantly ranges 5000-6000 nits which give the audience a clear view of the LED display even during daylight. For many years Xtreme Media is a pioneer in outdoor LED displays in India and continues to grow and make India digital. Each outdoor series launched by Xtreme Media is a move to help digitize smart cities and help generate more awareness and revenue through DOOH. Rigel NE Series is also launched to help the industries with 10-15% less spend during such tough times.

These displays are very suitable for DOOH, corporate building facades, places that want to be turned into marquee landmarks, governments, smart cities, etc.

Vega NE Series – A lightweight series of LED displays is newly introduced to the original Vega series along with an additional benefit of 10-15% less spend. This range of series is comparatively very easy to install and dismantle than the other series. Vega NE Series is exclusively used to enhance the environment of any space by installing it in lobbies, entrances, etc. It has very sturdy cabinets made od die-cast aluminium even though it is light in weight. Lastly, these displays have very high tenacity and excellent heat dissipation capabilities.

All the LED displays in NE series are designed by Xtreme media according to various industry needs and to suit their purpose. The goal is to deliver a solution and create endless possibilities for brands, companies, government, etc. to create a futuristic and digital world.