Projection mapping, and infotainment segment are literally going places. From museums to memorials to mountains to monuments to monasteries… the momentum is too big to be ignored- not just for its sheer size and scale but also for its significance and variety at every appearance. The latest one to join the league of unique projection mapping installs is the 360-degree dome projection at Shravasti, the historic and pilgrim town of northeastern Uttar Pradesh.

Dating back to as old as 7th century BCE, the place occupies glorious annals of ancient Indian history as the birthplace of Jainism, and, then playing centrestage to Buddhism, with the Buddha spending 24 years immediately after His Enlightenment. It enjoyed an exalted spiritual status for almost 1800 years before it fell to destruction by Islamic conquests in Medieval times.

It was also a junction of three major trading routes in Ancient India, thereby occupied an important role in the region’s growth.

Considering its spiritual significance in Indian history and culture, with a view to reliving the city’s heritage via tourism, UP Tourism embarked upon creating a unique infotainment attraction in the town.

Thus came in the trusted combination of PAN Intellecom and Christie Digital, along with Electro-Voice for Surround Sound, and creation of one of the most immersive 360-degree projection mapping.

PAN Intellecom, as the systems integrator, roped in four 25000-lumen 4K Christie Crimson WU projectors, calibrated to project carefully curated visual content onto a circular screen of 24 meters circumference and 5 meters high. Syncing in with accompanying Surround Sound audio are as many as 24 weatherized Electro-Voice 8-inch two-way speakers that are augmented by 8 weatherized 12-inch, IP55-rated transducers.

Lifting the audio experience are four EV 15-inch arrayable subwoofers, while six EV360Fdi amplifiers powered the whole audio ambience.

The lighting task is handled by 120 numbers of Neo Neon RGB lighting devices.
The storyboard highlights the history of the place, life of the Buddha, His preachings, and relevance of His preaching to the contemporary world, thereby connecting people with the place.

PAN Intellecom