Don and Carolyn Davis

Audio pioneer Don Davis, founder of SynAudCon dies at 94.

Don and his wife Carolyn founded Synergetic Audio Concepts or Syn-Aud-Con, later referred to
as SynAudCon, in 1973. For 23 years Don and Carolyn created the synergetic foundation that
educated and trained more than 10,000 sound contractors, designers, and consultants from
around the world. They literally changed lives. SynAudCon was acquired by Pat and Brenda
Brown in 1995 and is still training contractors, designers, and consultants from around the

Don and Alexis Badmaieff authored How to Build Loudspeaker Enclosures. Don and Carolyn
produced quarterly the 25+ page SynAudCon Newsletter and 4+ page Tech Topics and
authored If Bad Sound Were Fatal, Audio Would Be the Leading Cause of Death. They
authored the 1st and 2nd edition of Sound System Engineering and Don co-authored the 3rd
and 4th editions with Dr. Eugene Patronis and Pat Brown. The first edition of Sound System
Engineering was often referred to as the “audio bible” among his followers. He was a
contributing author to all five editions of the Handbook for Sound Engineers.

Don worked with Dr. Boner equalizing sound reinforcement systems and was instrumental in the
design of the Altec Lansing Acoustavoice system and the design and use of real-time analyzers
to equalize rooms.

Don and Carolyn were AES Fellows, received the Sagamore of the Wabash award, and the
Adele De Berri Pioneer award.

The love of Don’s life was Carolyn. Together they enjoyed SynAudCon, their many pets,
traveling, fast cars, target shooting, and their Indiana farm.

Don will be remembered as a learner, teacher, listener, trendsetter, audio sage and a great
storyteller. He was highly respected among his friends and colleagues.

Pat Brown, president of SynAudCon says, “A highlight of my audio life was attending my first
SynAudCon seminar at “the farm” in Southern Indiana. It was the late 1980’s and I was just
getting started in audio. I followed the Davis’s through their Newsletters and Tech Topics for
years until meeting them in-person. The encounter changed my life in many ways. Don and
Carolyn demonstrated the best in humanity by their lifestyle, example, and friendship. What a
privilege it has been for Brenda and I to carry on their work.”