Sharp Corporation introduced what it called the all new, state-of-the-art 4K ultra HD professional display series- the PN-HS. The new series displays are claimed to add greater dimension to gain more attention from audiences by delivering compelling and stunning visuals.


With high brightness of 700cd/m2 and 24/7 non-stop operation, the PN-HS range makes them great for signage and information sharing in a wide range of retail, corporate, and transport environments, including brightly lit ambient areas like airports, metro stations, etc.

Just ‘play & go’ images and videos via the built-in USB Media player is possible on the PN-HS series.

The fully integrated speakers of 10W + 10W enhance any multimedia content. And these series have endless flexibility for installation while offering a magnitude of connectivity options.

The PN-HS Series comes in sizes from 43 to 55 inches

All the PN-HS Series display are designed for ease of use and flexibility. Ideal for well-lit environments, this LCD monitor offers a max brightness of  700 cd/m2. With its outstanding image quality and 24/7 operation, this monitor can deliver an extraordinary performance either in landscape or portrait orientation.

Flexible installations: The PN-HS displays can be conventionally wall mounted in either landscape or portrait mode, so they suit their surroundings and the type of content you want to show. It means you can create high-impact visual posters or engage people with ultra-realistic, wide-screen films or images. In addition, they can also be installed face-down on a ceiling, perhaps for high-profile retail advertising, or face-up on a table or floor, for innovative wayfinding signage.  The PN-HS551 can make an instant impression and present information in unique and memorable ways.

Easy Plug and Play: The PN-HS range can play slideshows of 4K Ultra HD photos, Full HD videos and music using their built-in USB media player. There’s no need to connect a separate PC or other hardware, install specialist software applications, or deal with any complex cabling.