Southern University of Science & Technology, China

The digital transformation of multiple industries like enterprises, governments, and education have significantly accelerated the growth of the commercial LED display market even in this depressive global economy environment caused by Covid-19. According to Grand View Research Statistics, the global commercial display market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.07% from 2019 to 2025.

Digital meeting has become increasingly popular and the LCD conference-pad and all-in-one LED solution are gradually replacing the original conference room equipment, such as the traditional whiteboard and projector. However, compared to the LCD conference-pad, the all-in-one LED solution is more visually stunning due to its fine pixel pitch. Adopting the mini LED technology, the all-in-one LED solution delivers uncompromised visual effects with better colour display, higher contrast ratio, and refresh rate.

As a leading global enterprise of the intelligent visual and information solution provider, AOTO SID and CV all-in-one solutions (called SID and CV below) have been widely applied in the domestic market of China. The SID is specially designed for the medium and large conference market, covering multiple sizes of 120 inches, 150 inches, and 180 inches.
Using patented technologies, the maximum power consumption of a 120 inch SID is only 1200W, which is 40% lower than similar products. As for the CV series, it has been regarded as the most economically-friendly Mini LED product so far. Integrated with electronic whiteboards, scanning, sharing, and remote control, the CV ALL-IN-ONE solution is flexible and increases the meeting efficiency.

Shenzhen Koanda Electronics

Currently, AOTO all-in-one LED solutions have been applied in various business display scenes in China, including enterprise conference rooms and academic institutions, etc. For example, Zhengzhou University and the Southern University of Science & Technology feature AOTO all-in-one LED solutions in the conference room, a tech company called Shenzhen Koanda Electronics has installed AOTO displays to deliver core dynamic and visual content.

The global transformation to digital and intelligent conference solutions is a fact. To catch up to this trend, AOTO all-in-one LED solutions are the most considerable hardware facility applied in various types of conference rooms.


Zhengzhou University