Sonali Singh who is currently employed at HMPL Consulting, India, has created a record of sorts by becoming the first woman in India to attain her CTS-D certification earned on 12th October 2020.

Sonali who has been involved in the AV industry for the past seven years earned her CTS certification in 2018.

Sonali comments on her achievement. “Well as we know that the AV Industry is one of the most interesting, challenging and ever evolving industry. To be on par with this demanding nature of the industry, one must be aware of the AV Standards and Practices, the latest Trends and Technologies in the AV Market and to appease these goals, I can’t think of any relevant platform other than attaining (CTSD/I) accreditation. I have always focused on gaining knowledge, keeping myself abreast with the emerging technologies and I am glad that my inclination towards intuitiveness has finally paid off . Also this couldn’t have been at all possible without the support and guidance from my colleagues at HMPL Consulting. They themselves being CTS (CTS I/D) certified shared their diverse experience and have been great motivators. CTS-D accreditation helps an AV Professional to gain trust of the clients, helping delivering the Project with Quality in the given timeline with the available resources and budget, setting a bench mark for the company and ensuring better customer satisfaction. I want to make big in this AV Industry and attaining CTS-D is encouragement for me.”

SI Asia congratulates Sonali Singh on her achievement.