Robert Soo has been appointed as Technical Consultant for product and strategic development programs at Intricon Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. Intricon Pte Ltd is part of the parent company Intricon Corp, a Micromedical Technology company located in Minneapolis.

Robert took up his appointment in October.

Intricon designs, develops and manufactures Professional Audio Devices and Accessories (PADA) products, providing innovative and highly effective communications solutions in demanding situations. Having co-invented the miniature electret microphone, their microphone expertise sits at the core of their products. Intricon is an OEM that serves the Pro Audio, Security, Aviation and Radio Communication industries.

Robert is no stranger to Intricon as he had worked in the R&D department of the company over ten years ago. After leaving Intricon, Robert set up Cogent Acoustics back in 2011, consulting for different venues including schools, performing arts and houses of worship, as well as conducting well-received audio trainings. Robert will continue to provide consulting services and conduct trainings under Cogent, as his appointment at Intricon offers him flexibility.

“At my earlier stint at Intricon I was involved with developing products and solutions that are still very much used today in performance arts, aviation, security, etc. I really love my current consultancy work in AV and acoustics, but I have to admit that part of me still misses development work. So when Intricon approached and offered me a position to consult for their development programs, I was thrilled. As I only spend at most a couple of days a week at Intricon, I would still have time for my on-going work at Cogent Acoustics, so I am having the best of both worlds now.”

Winson Chan, GM/MD of Intricon Asia comments, “Robert is an experienced and seasoned technical wizard in the audio industry. We are very fortunate to establish a consultancy service with him to help drive the business growth of professional audio products at Intricon. Given the fact that Robert has worked at the Intricon R&D function before, it makes this partnership relatively seamless on how we can work together efficiently with his proven track record. We are highly confident that there is so much we can leverage on the rich competencies which Robert can bring to the table and add significant value to accelerate both the product and business development for Intricon.”

Winson highlights that the company is embarking on the transformation journey to take the Intricon professional audio business to the next level of performance. “The timing can’t be any better now that we have Robert being part of the team as the Technical Consultant, on top of the strong momentum demonstrated by the Intricon R&D team. We are determined to revamp our product line-up as well as redefining the Go-To-Market strategy to broaden our market reach with highly competitive product offerings”

Robert Soo adds, “We are in unprecedented times and moving through uncharted waters. We must think and work differently to rise above the challenges. That’s the course I’m taking into the future with the Intricon team.”