Born in Guangdong, China, Qian has been living in Germany since 2015 after having studied English in Hangzhou and Communication and Media Studies in Leipzig. Already during her studies in Germany, she opened several food outlets and successfully managed not only the business and its 28 employees but also the communication. With her degree and the experience she has gained so far, she is now looking for new challenges at Speaker Trade.

Among other things, Qian will take over the communication and growth marketing for Mivoc – Speaker Trade’s in-house consumer brand. There, she will be in charge of the brand’s web presence, online sales channels and social media presence. She is also an important link to colleagues in China, where all products developed in Germany for the Mivoc, SE Audiotechnik and VUE Audiotechnik brands are manufactured in-house. “Contact with China is very important for us and Qian, who speaks Chinese as her mother tongue, is the ideal interface for close cooperation on all brand and marketing issues. In addition, we are very pleased with the breath of fresh air that Qian brings to our marketing department and the professional approach with which she manages and develops Mivoc,” says company representative Markus Schmittinger.

The Speaker Trade Group unites the professional loudspeaker brands SE Audiotechnik, VUE Audiotechnik and the consumer brand Mivoc under one roof. The group’s audio technology has been developed in Solingen, Germany and produced in their own factory in China for more than 40 years.

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