In October 2022, INFiLED built an LED curved screen for the Pingshanwei subway station on Shenzhen Metro Line 16. This screen made of QM series has unrivalled clarity and bright colours, which can well display commercial advertisements and other promotional content to passengers entering and exiting the station.

Pingshanwei Station, a newly opened subway station in the fall of 2022, is the first transfer station in Pingshan District, Shenzhen; Lines 16 and 14 meet here. Given the high ridership, the place is suitable for commercial promotion; the subway operator decided to install a screen around a corner near this station entrance exit to attract advertisement putting. With proven technologies in the production and construction of curved screens, INFiLED won the tender for this installation project.

Compared with conventional flat screens, the creation of curved screens requires higher precision in the splicing of the LED panels. In this project, the INFiLED technical team measured the curvature of the screen installation location in advance, determined the curved screen structure to be made, and customized a batch of LED panels accordingly, eventually creating a screen with natural and smooth curvature.

In terms of colour expression, the curved screen installed in the subway station has a pixel pitch of 1.56mm and a resolution of 12288*2808, with a distinct visual presentation and high colour reproduction; in addition, the LEDs of this screen adopt IMD encapsulation technology, which is characterized by superior colour purity and wide colour gamut, which can well express the details of the picture.

In other respects, this curved screen also has many advantages. First, it is equipped with a high-efficiency power supply system, which can effectively avoid local overheating of the screen surface and maintain the light quality and uniformity of the LEDs in a good state; Second, it supports front maintenance. In case of a screen failure, repairmen can easily remove the damaged module for service using a vacuum suction tool (optional).

About QM series

QM series is one of INFiLED’s most remarkable LED displays; it adopts advanced IMD&COB encapsulation technology. Features a wide colour gamut, high brightness, and high contrast ratio of 20000:1; this series can offer an exquisite and vivid picture with vibrant colour and rich detail. It is the best solution for a range of indoor applications, including control & command centres, studios, stations, and classrooms.