The HEX Converter eliminates programming issues when projectors or display devices connected to a control solution are replaced

AV and systems integration technology specialists Opstron Pte Ltd has announced the availability of their latest innovation – the HEX Converter. A first of its kind product that offers a cost-effective solution for those looking to make changes to their existing display infrastructure. The HEX Converter neutralizes programming woes involved in replacing projectors or display devices connected to a control system while maintaining the same initially assigned control functionality, thereby allowing easy upgrades anytime, anywhere, and within any existing AV infrastructure where the display elements feature RS232 connectivity.

The most common device in an installed AV system that will require replacement is a display device (projectors, panels, etc.). The change could be due to a transition to a higher resolution display, bigger screen size, higher lumens projector, from lamp-based to laser-based or more significantly to a different brand. If the display devices are controlled by a control system such as touch panels or button controllers, reprogramming to accommodate the new display will be necessary. To reprogramme, you will need the source code of the previous projector or display and the source code of the new device. In addition, you will need to hire a programmer.

Here is where Opstron’s RS232 HEX Converter offers a distinct advantage. With the HEX Converter, you won’t need to struggle with searching for the source codes or request for expensive services of a certified professional to reprogram the system so that you can have control over the new display.

The revolutionary HEX Converter is a small but impressive device thought of and designed by the Singapore based company Opstron. The HEX Converter has a male and female RS232 port on each end of the device. The unit also comes with a free-ware application that resolves programming attributes related to the control of the projector or display, even without the original programme source code. The free-ware programme has one input and one output allowing users to programme the baud rate, stop bit, and parity bit with up to 15 sets of codes. The input column carries the source code of the previous display, and the output column reflects the source code of the new display. The software also features a library of all the popularly used projectors’ and display devices’ source codes for easy reference.

Users with basic programming skills can easily reprogram their existing AV systems to include their new display device (s).

All the user needs to do is save the codes onto the HEX converter unit by assigning the correct sequence of inputs within the software. Then once the new display device/projector has been installed on-site, the HEX converter is connected to the device’s RS232 serial port. At the same time, the other end is connected to the cable connecting to the control system. Once this process has been completed, the new display device/projector assumes the same control functions as the former device. That is it. You are done! You do not need to tinker with the control system programming.

Essentially, the HEX converter acts as the key programming interface between the display device/projector and the controller while being powered via RS232 connectivity, thereby eliminating the need for an external power source.

Significant advantages of the HEX converter are its cost-saving and improved productivity. The end-user can now break free from the shackles of being constrained and have the option of switching projectors or display device brands. For the systems integrator, they can confidently do the job without worrying about programming issues. As the systems integrator is not making the programme change at the control panel, there is no need to be concerned about being a certified programmer of the control system brand.

The HEX converter is a simple yet effective solution.

Tan Beng Bok, Managing Director of Opstron, comments, “We kept facing programming issues when we were replacing projectors with a different brand. Though we have in-house programming experts, we felt that there should be a better way to do this, and thus the HEX converter was conceived. When we checked around with fellow AV professionals, we found that the problem was quite common as most clients did not have the source code or were concerned with the reprogramming cost. The cost-effectiveness of the HEX Converter makes a big impact especially when there are large numbers of devices that need to be replaced.”

Opstron affirms that users will require one HEX Converter for each display device that is replaced, and the retail price for each HEX Converter unit is USD127.00 (SGD168.00). The company is accepting bulk orders for the purchase of the HEX Converter units. At the same time, the brand is also looking to partner with regional distributors to promote the HEX Converter; and have confirmed that they will provide in-depth training to their distribution partners’ sales team on how to use the software.

Potential clients and distributors interested in partnering with Opstron are requested to directly contact the company via email to: or phone call +65-62686896.

Click HERE to view a video showing how simple it is to use the HEX converter.

About Opstron
Opstron Pte Ltd was established in 2011 in Singapore. The company specialises in systems integration and partners with several highly respected brands and solutions to exceed clients’ expectations. The Opstron team has a number of certified professionals with vast experience in the AV realm.