World Wide Technology (WWT), a technology solution provider, opened its new Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. The centre provides a collaborative environment for partners to develop mission-critical IT technology. The centre is equipped with the new Virtual Advanced Technology Center (ATC) room, a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology and architectural solutions for World Wide Technology customers, partners and employees.


Systems integrator Coltrane Systems designed and installed the room’s LED touchscreen video wall powered by RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall V video wall processor. The MediaWall V processor was chosen for its real-time performance, exceptional 4K image quality, secure operation and custom output timings, which support LED displays’ unconventional resolutions.

The MediaWall V processor receives feeds from a Cisco video teleconferencing system, a digital media system, and multiple PC workstations. It consolidates these and displays them in windows of any size, anywhere on the large LED wall. Users can instantly switch input sources and choose from up to 60 customizable display layouts from a simple touch screen controller. Integrated signal switching eliminates the need for external switchers. MediaWall V’s advanced display capabilities include window borders and titles, on-screen clocks, freeze frame, and pan and zoom to view items of particular interest.

For secure operation, MediaWall V’s embedded architecture resists hacking and tampering, protects against intrusion by malware and avoids the vulnerabilities that PC-based wall processor systems risk.

With superior 4K image quality, 24/7 reliability, secure operation, and feature-rich capabilities, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall V video wall processor is the ideal choice for security operations centres, control rooms, command centres, traffic management facilities, network operations centres, emergency operations centres, digital signage and lobby displays.

World Wide Technology (WWT), based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a technology solution integrator that provides digital strategy, innovative technology and supply chain solutions to large public and private organizations around the globe.