Chennai-based professional sound and lighting solutions major Lux & Decibels has introduced to Indian market Ovation Rêve E-3- said to be the brightest, multi-color LED ellipsoidal – from the American lighting major Chauvet Professional – that is also boasted for its capability to produce perfectly tunable whites.


“It’s a new kind of epic story-telling machine that fuses the best of both worlds into one totally reimagined LED light source,” says Shiva Pillai, Managing Director of Lux & Decibels, Chauvet’s Master Distributor for India.

According to him, the color temperature presets ranging from 2800K to 8000K makes the Reve E-3 maintain outstanding brightness and a high quality of light, with an emulated ‘red shift’ for a tungsten feel. Ovation Rêve E-3 also features several dimming curves, a virtually silent operation with fan-off modes, and a series of technician-friendly features such as an innovative, adjustable yoke that makes mounting in low clearance situations a breeze.

“With Ovation Rêve E-3, you can seamlessly transition from captivating a wide range of saturated colors in class-leading output to distinct whites with +/- green adjustments using one fixture,” says Shiva. “No ifs, or buts. Simply and categorically unrivaLED.”

The feature-rich lighting unit is chacterized by:

  • Full-spectrum LED ERS-style lighting fixture for theatre, film and production
  • Virtual color wheel with color matched to popular gel colors
  • +/- Green adjustment and emulated red-shift via DMX or on-board control
  • RDM (Remote Device Management) for added flexibility
  • Adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera
  • Virtually silent operation for use in studio, film and theatre applications
  • Ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming curves and speeds to complement any lighting scheme.
  • Innovative adjustable yoke for mounting in low clearance areas
  • Direct power/data connection and control options for the Ovation GR-1 gobo rotator
  • USB port for fixture software updates